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  1. SuperZZZ

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    Any advice on which one has a advantage in wet conditions?Exmark or scag.Looking to pick up a 36''walkbehind. Thanks All!!!!!!!
  2. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    I would say both about the same. Definitely hydro. Everyone is going to have their opinion. I personally like Exmark. We have two.
  3. CutInEdge Lawn Care

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    I have 3 different scag decks. Two of them I have personally tested in pouring down rain. 1st is a 97 Scag 36 Belt (I feel this does the best in the rain for the deck, BUT since it is a belt not so good. However, I think it performs better in the wet stuff w/gators. No highlifts. 2nd an 05 Scag Z-Cat 36" Advantage deck w/high lifts, ( In the pouring rain, the grass really cakes on the non-discharge side [ 3 blades] I have to get off and scrape under non-discharge side on every pass. However, I have used a full can of "Mow Deck since somewhere around Sept. Seems that it might help this. 3rd an 06 SWZ48 w/High Velocity Deck. I feel this deck will be awesome in the really wet stuff. BUT you never know till the rain starts.

    Personally, I think some or the problems lie within the blade itself. High lift vs. Gators w/ what ever other combos others are running.

    Have never used an exmark, so hopefully someone else can speak honestly about there machine or machines. Just my .o2stupids

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