Exmark Spreader/Sprayer - B & B Trailer question

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Green Sweep, Sep 5, 2017.

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    We have primarily been a liquid company that does a few granular apps here and there. We recently purchased an Exmark ride on for a route that has large lawns. We also purchased a trailer bracket designed for the Exmark from B & B Technologies.
    I have an F250 Super Duty that I wanted to use with the Ride on. The hitch receiver that I had on the truck only had a Tongue weight of 500 lbs. Given that the weight of the Exmark is 500 lbs and the trailer bracket is 175 lbs, I wanted to update the receiver to have 1000 lb tongue weight... just to be safe. The company that I am dealing with (who we purchase all of our trailers off of and installs all of our trailer hitches) said no way... they will not mount that receiver on an F250 for that machine - only a F350 or above.

    What am I missing here? I see competitors with Ride-ons on E250 vans, Chevy 1500's, Ford F250's. Is this guy off base... or am I?
  2. lawndude28

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    Yeah I would go double hitch or just a small trailer. Gotta figure weight of the granular product and liquid in the tank to unless you are planning on only mixing what you need per property. That being said, I see it all the time too.
  3. RigglePLC

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    Agree. I used a dual receiver for years. It had a square tube receiver on both the left and right side frame members. One ton truck--Chevy 2500, see avatar.
    Try to get them to arrange it so that you can remove the platform and still use your center trailer hitch.
    My platform was a bit heavy. To remove it by myself I had to unbolt the two wheel tracks from the tubes. Then I had two assemblies that I could lift or drag into the garage. Took about ten minutes.
  4. Marine03112

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    Dude go to pep boys. I have 100k miles with my 2500 with my b&b rack on a 2500 van. Don't care what folks say about dual hitches. Don't need one. B&B rack works awesome.
  5. Marine03112

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    I have over thousand pound tongue weight.
  6. hawk1004

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    Do you mind if I ask what the cost of the Exmark carrier was? I have been looking at getting one.
  7. Marine03112

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    The carrier at site one is between 800 and 900
  8. Marine03112

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    How do you like your exmark spreader sprayer?

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