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Rochester, MN
We had at one time 8 or 9 ground logic regular sized Pathfinders. They were junk.

Our machine was z spray but we've switched over to steel greens and couldn't be happier
I like the nimbleness and great spray coverage of my Pathfinder. The gear shift is the weak link. Do like the Pathfinder overall. Steel greens are too behemoth for what I do. Jury out on Stinger.


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Grass how did you calibrate your GL?
Just followed the instructions in the manual?
Granular you will have to play with. Too many variables. Practice, practice, practice several times

As far as the liquid, the single nozzle can spray about 8-9 feet wide, the spray boom around 6 feet. Time yourself how long it takes to cover 1000ft2. Take that time and and see how many OZ you get when filling up a container. You should do that 3 times to get an average


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So I have a idea how many square feet do you get out of your 12 gallon tank?
Thanks again!
Your answer will come from calibrations. On average, you should be around 36-48,000 per tank with the stock tips the machine came with, but that is predicated on your speed

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Im going on season 5 with my pathfinder. Overall im very pleased with the machine. Next time the engine is out of the machine I will place a sheet of rubber roofing product under it to reduce vibration!