Exmark Striping Roller review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, May 11, 2006.

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    Got the roller on today and it was pourin rain when i put it on, install was super easy, I ended up putting the stock deck wheels back on in addition to the striping roller, i just figured it might add extra flotation going around the raised bases of trees or curblines or something, anyway, the rain stopped for a few but it was soakin wet decided to mow my yard and my neighbors yard, which totals just over 2.5 acres, 2/3 of it is hilly and its generally a big pain when wet... anyway, the roller does make a difference it really did a nice job even though it was soakin wet, the Lazer did its typical awesome job on the lawns, and i'm real happy with it :) I had to lift the deck every time i turn to make it easier on the roller bearings and easier on the lawn, also the roller will take weight off of the mower as some of the deck rests on it, which really robs traction so turning on hills you gotta lift the deck a little to turn or maneuver slick spots, but its easy with the pedal assist lift. All in all i'm very happy with it and like it alot :) will post pics later after it dries out... just poured all afternoon and evening probably won't mow tomorrow (besides that its supposed to rain tomorrow too)..... some flooding going on tonight :(


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