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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bassman, Oct 14, 2000.

  1. Bassman

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    Biz was slowing down this last week and I was feeling really great after the past hard and hot 3 months. Was cruising along on a steep canal bank sort of day dreaming about getting done early and going fishing. The bank gave in and I started to slide big time into the water. About a 55 degree angle, thought I was into Davey Jones locker for sure. Mower hung up just as part of the mower went into the drink. I carry a come-along and cable for just such instances, (much easier and neater on the lawn than having to back up my 4X4 and tow it out, providing there is a tree somewhere). Winched the son of a gun out of harms way and put the winch and cable on the front of the mower between my feet to run it back to my truck. On the way back, I proceeded to mow a patch of grass. Feeling laid back again and thinking about fishing soon. While maneauvering back and forth, I hear this loud noise and the mower sounded like it had hit a land mine and seized up cold. The 1/4 inch cable and hooks had somehow drooped over the front and been picked up by the 3 sets of blades. The cable was severely wrapped around all blades and spindles. In fact, it was also completely cut in half with heavy gauge wire fragments splintered all over the place. I managed to unravel the mess and HERE'S THE BEST PART. The edge on the blades were flawless. The spindles were solid. I finished up that lawn and 3 more with a perfect cut. Had a nice afternoon fishing to boot. I have an Exmark Lazer 52" w/ 25 H.P. Kohler Command engine. This baby is built like a tank. I have had no problems whatsoever with the mower or engine. I would recommend the Exmark Lazer to any one in the commercial lawn service biz.
    Any one else have a story about their mower holding up well after some kind of accident/abuse?
    Also, I've had traction problems on steep banks with the turf tire tread. Would the tractor type tires on the Dixie Choppers provide better traction on steep banks and if so, are they available in the size to be fitted on the Exmark Lazer ZTR hub? Thanks.

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  2. EDL

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    I had an employee using a 60" Lazer hit a wired dog leash, it must have stopped the blade dead. because the bolt spun off and dropped with the blade underneath the mower. Thank god that the blade did not take flight
  3. Bassman

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    EDL, One of my blade bolts was wound so tight from hitting the cable, I had to use a large pipe wrench to back it off. I usually use a socket wrench but it was useless, even with an extension.
  4. HOMER

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    I'm not real happy with the tires on my chopper. When the Turf Boss tires wear out I'm probably going with the other style tread, those puppys will slide too! Sounds like you paid extra for the "bullet proofin" option on that axemark!

  5. TLS

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    Was mowing a small bank up next to the houses' brick retaining wall. The wall was capped with 2" thick slabs of slate. Well, it was morning and the dew was heavy in the shade and the Dixie slid sideways and backwards on top of the wall. The engine pulley has a fan on the bottom. Well lets just say that the fan became a router on the slate. It cut a 8" diameter semicircle 1" deep in the corner of the slate. I couldn't stop the engine because I would have gone over the wall, backwards! So I just gunned it and turfed out of there! That was in May and it has been fine since! Those fan cooler blades on the pulley look like new! Boy was the stone dust flying. I just flipped over the slate and went on my way.

    BTW: This house was for sale and the owners were 2500 miles away!


    MIDSOUTH LawnSite Senior Member
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    when i first bought my turf tiger-the dealer was showing me the wide stance and telling me that it was more than stable on steep hills.he did not know what he was talking about-a couple of days later i was in a yard where the entire front yard is on a very steep angle and it has a circular flowerbed towards the top of the hill,there was still some dew on the ground and i started to loop around that bed and the mower got into a slide to the bottom of the hill-at the bottom of the hill there is a concrete wall and then about a 3 foot drop-luckily the wall sticks up a good 5 or 6 inches above the turf on the hill side-i hit the concrete wall sideways with the deck and the mower stopped-luckily it didn't go over-it picked up alot of speed sliding downhill and the only damage was when i hit the concrete,it threw me into the left control lever and bent it pretty bad.with the impact on the deck i knew something else had to break but it did not hurt anything except the control lever.
  7. Charles

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    Dixie, thats strange because I almost did the same thing. I was sliding toward a retaining wall made of slate while on a lazer. Never will I do a steep hill(with a z) where there is a danger of getting my neck broke at the bottom. Exmark lazer are tough machines and probably withstand a fall. But most of us won't.
  8. jeffyr

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    I once hit an electricians fish tape ( to snake wires through walls). I saw it just before. By the time I got the blades shut of it was wrapped tight underneath.

    Luckily no damage.
  9. thelawnguy

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    Hit a dog run cable with my TT twice (same property differnt years). First time I spent a half hour untangling it second time just popped the blades off and removed the whole wad of cable in one hunk.

    Both times continued mowing with no apparent consequences.
  10. little green guy

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    I was cutting this island in the middle of a drive way a couple months ago with a turf tiger with an advantage deck. The island was a little bit of a hill and had belguim block curbing which was flush with the pavment and turf. I was cutting on a little bit of an angle and the front tire was a little low, usually the deck will go right over the curbing onto the pavement but it didn't because of the front right tire being low. Well the antiscalp wheel dug into the ground and got caught on the block, the mower just stopped dead, I went flying forward into the contols and the advantage deck became a dis-advantage deck. It got bent so much that the angled part became verticle just like a normal deck. They did get it bent back though and now it works fine.

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