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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mac43rn, Nov 27, 2001.

  1. mac43rn

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    I just want to thank everyone here for all there help in regards to my quest for the best cutting mower in the industry. I am sure there are many quality cutting machienes out there, but I initially narrowed my search down to the exmark 36" wb or simplicity 38" riding mower. Today I talked to both companies; exmark over the phone and simplicty via internet. Let me first say customer service is a huge deal to me. I have been around long enough to see Cutomer sevice is declining in today's world. I spoke in detail with a Paul Jergens (sp) with exmark. Told him what I was looking for and was very helpful. I am leaning towards the turf tracer hp or the metro hp. He lead me to the dealership where I was able to demo the exmark and their ecs controls, which by the way was very nice!. Now onto simplicty. I emailed them three different times over the past 48 hours, which all emails received a response. However, the last response was very rude. On my last question I wrote, "Does the simplicty tractor with 38" deck come standard with high lift blades."

    Response: "The 38" deck does NOT come with high lift blades. This is your third question in 48 hours. If you have any other questions contact your dealer."

    -Well that response pretty much aswered my debate on what mower I should get. I was very surprised by this response to say the least.

    Now I need to decide if I want the turf tracer hp or the metro hp. I will do a search right now and try to find out the differences.

    I do want to thank everyone for all thier responses and all their valuable help. This is truely a professional site and I have learned a large amount in such a short period of time.
  2. Evan528

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    The diffrence is that the turf tracer is a hydro and the metro's are belt driven. If this is just for you home (one yard) the belt drive will do you just great! The hydro is superior for mowing in wet conditions and very speep hill sides.
  3. 65hoss

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    EVERY single time I've ever had a question or problem, exmark always was there IMMEDIATELY! No waiting, immediate responses.
  4. SLS

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    All I can say is this:

    I bought an Exmark Lazer Z 60'' w/ 23 Kawi this spring. Fantastic piece of gear!

    No problems with the machine @ 400 hours.
    Great dealer support with blades, filters, and questions.
    Great factory support w/ updates and quick, friendly response to any and all questions about my purchase.

    Totally happy and impressed with Exmark and my next major purchase will be a Exmark Turf Tracer! :D

  5. dhicks

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    Simplicity builds commercial mowing equipment? That's a new one on me or I'm out of touch with the industry. Perhaps both :)
  6. mowerconsultant

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    Simplicity owns Ferris
    The Simplicity Derby units are made by Ferris.........
    Although the Simplicity unit described in this post and another are "homeowner units" ie, tractors or riders......

  7. Runner

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    No. He was checking out a Simplistic tractor. Not even close to the same unit. One thing about the Exmark, is that they'll always keep you up and running. If you were looking at the Turf Tracer HP, Holy Cow! You're going all out! Beautiful machine. MY first choice for a walkbehind. I just said this earlier to someone, too. That is, that if you go the extra mile with the hydro, you will thank yourself later.
  8. mac43rn

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    I am purchasing this for home owner use and possibly mowing a few lawns myself. I have always had a passion for taking care of lawns. My yard and landscape are my hobbies. I have been debating between the metro hp or the turftracer hp. I have a friend who owns a hydro and it felt nice. I like the idea of having a 36" floating deck as well, to prevent any scalping. Is it really worth it to go hydro? If I have to spend the extra money to get a better cut I don't mind. I also don't want to have the mower a couple of years and regret my decision.

  9. Runner

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    If you're just going with a 36, (alot lighter in weight) and you're just using for your lawn and MAYBE a couple of others, then it may be more feasable for you to go with the belt. If you are planning on using it how t was intended, and knocking out some areas, then I would definitely go hydro. As a first mower, I most definitely would not go under a 48", either. As far as the cut, well, either one is going to give you a good cut. The hydro drive has nothing to do with that. If you go with a little 36" though, I wouldn't worry too much about the floating deck. At that size, it won't make that much difference, as the deck is so narrow.
  10. Mark

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    Hi mac43 i went by your subdivison yesterday,I was thinking about you telling me that you just moved to that area,those are really nice homes I do alot of work in the Newburgh area Was wondering if you looked at Stephans on Franklin? I would have to agree with everyone on the exmarks everyone i know who ownes one says Stephans in Evansville or JL Farm in Poseyville
    take verygood care of there customers so the Exmark is a good choise. I think you could get by with the 36 but for the difference in price id say take the 48.
    Marks Mowing Service

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