Exmark the best?


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I just wanted to share a recent experience our company had with Exmark. I had been searching for a new mower for some specific accounts we had. I performed my due diligence, pouring over data. My final decision was a 60" Lazer Z with Red Technology and rear discharge. It was a pricey machine, but I figured we would have it for a number of seasons, and with Exmark's reputation, trouble free seasons. Needless to say, I was surprised when it broke down within the first two weeks. I was again surprised two weeks later when another unrelated breakdown occurred. 250 hours and five breakdowns later, I was PISSED! Well, I was pissed by number three, but by seven...
My Dealer, Horizon Distributors, and Exmark had been providing excellent service all along. They had immediately picked up the machine whenever it fell apart and brought along a loaner. They too had begun to realize that my machine probably had been built on a Monday after Sunday's Christmas party, and that this thing was, (dare I say it?), a lemon. There were no angry outbursts from either side, no disparaging remarks to one another. They simply manned (personed to be pc) up and did the right thing. As much as it hurt their pride, and bottom line, they were going to stand behind their quality. They gave me a brand new machine! The rep said in 13 years he has only done this twice before, which attests to their quality. I hope this post helps others who are on the fence about which machine to buy. Do your homework. The chances are that you will come up with the same results I came up with, and the chances are easily against you experiencing what I experienced, but if you do, rest assured, Exmark will be right there.

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Good to hear, just bought my first exmark. You'd think just about any manufacture would do the same and hopefully they want the machine to figure where things went wrong. Were you able to link any of the problems to improper assembly?

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I have the opposite opinion of Exmark.Bought new Lazer X and it started handling like a fat woman on a waterbed,could not keep a straight line for nothing.Took to the dealer,they said couldnt really find anything wrong.But Exmark was gracious enough to charge me $45.00 because they dont cover adjustments under warranty.

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If it was just tracking adjustment on new unit dealer should have done it free. Or learn do it yourself.

If still not tracking after adjustments that’s different story.


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I have had good luck with Exmark standing behind their product too. Fast replacement of anything under warranty . I still have one Lazer after 18 years. Replaced the engine a few years ago. Hope my new one last that long. Had some lemon parts that were quickly replaced

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Do you work for Horizon? Seems like you are a troll with your only 2 posts on this forum being only about Exmark & Horizon. You really posted the same **** twice (this one less text, maybe why you have replies) with the first post getting no comments!


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I have been running Exmark since '03. I have had 7 of their machines From '03 until now. Very little if any issues with quality. They are not the best cutting machines in the world IMO, and they just suck in wet conditions. But to me, staying on the ground running is more important than cutting in wet conditions. That is my only complaint about the machines.
Things break, but I have never had anything break too soon, just normal wear and tear. I never plan to switch brands because of the good luck I have had.