Exmark the good and the bad?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by flyingdutch16, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    So for next season im thinking about upgrading my mower to a exmark 60 inch. Now i've been looking on craigslist often to spot any good deals. Off course you there is your everyday junk on there, but some seem like a good deal. My question is how much are used exmarks worth? Obviously this is different depending on hrs. And what are some of the cons about the exmarks that you have experienced? I noticed that they have different deck types as well, could anyone explain to me what the differences are between them?
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    The bigger the deck the bigger the engine power you would want obviously. especially if your going to running the ultravac bagging system. i have seem them with a 23hp kohler but imo that doesnt seem like enough power. I would respectfully say a 25hp would be best but bigger is always better and of course the fuel consumption. the ultracut decks i have heard are the best all around with service and cutting the triton series i heard was bad bad where you would have to double cut 90% of the time. the only thing to watch is the hours and if the engine and/or pumps and wheel motors have been rebuilt or replaced at anytime.
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    A nice 60 is right around 4k. The ultracut is newest, then triton, then trivantage. The older 60's had the 23's and 25 horsepower motors and they are WAYY underpowered. My 52 with a 23kohler struggles with the vac on it. So more motor is better. Fuel cost doesn't fluxuate as much as you would think between motor sizes
  4. flyingdutch16

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    Thanks for the replies. I had read some where that one of the decks were pretty bad, thanks for clearing that up for me. I will deff get a mower with at least a 26 or higher horsepower. I mean right now my bad boy is 26 with only a 60 inch deck so it would make sense to me personally to downgrade to 23 horse.

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