Exmark TT 60" 20hp Kohler vs 24hp Kawa


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The difference is about $400 more for the Kawaski. How much will I notice in power and also the difference in gas? The price is not much of an issue, but i would like some opinons from those who had one or even one of each for that fact. I do have some hills and of course I will have a sulkey on it. Let me know your thoughts.


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I have a 52" tt with the 23 kohler it has 600 hours on it and has never given me any problems. I also have a 60" x series lazer z which is a year old with 550 hours which is powered by the 29 kawa. Its also be a very good running engine with no problems. I like both brands and have never had any major problems with either. Back to your question i would get the larger 24 hp engine.. Im not sure which is better on fuel. This is just my opinion tho.. Your best bet would try to demo both this would be the best way you could see which fits you best
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i have 26hp on a 54"...on a 60" i would go up to at least 29hp or more. 24hp will work but it will bog down in heavy growth pretty bad. 20hp isn't even enough for a 48" deck hardly. i can't imagine a 60" deck with 20hp.


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20 or 24 hp on a 60" sounds underpowered for commercial use.

Our tri-Vantage 60" 's have 27hp. I know they are ZTR's but still... you'll have a Sulky.

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Have owned 3 of the mowers you are considering. If you plan on keeping it a long time, say 2000 hours and up, you will be better off with the larger engine. Have known guys who have run the smaller engine and said it did fine. Once the engine gets some age on it it will really work it to run the ultracut deck, especially in leaves and heavy spring growth.

The fuel economy has been about 1 gal per hour for the 23 hp kawi. Don't know what the 20 kohlers run.