Exmark TTHP 48 belt problems?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MCLC, Nov 4, 2009.

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    For the last week my tthp 48, with 17hp KAW engine, has been making a noise every time I engage the manual blade clutch like the belt is slipping, then after the blades start I get a smell like burning rubber for a few seconds. I looked underneath the mower and there is no arrows that say, here, here. So If someone has had the same experience or knows what I am talking about and can help me figure out what is wrong with my mower, I will really appreciate it. Thank you.
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    You must be wearing 3D glasses with head phones plugged into the spark plug boot to see and hear the arrows......

    You need to start by checking all idler pulleys and spindles for bearing failures (tightness), Look at the edges of the belt for glazing and check all pulleys for any rubber transfer.
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    Odds are your idler pulley arm on the deck needs lubricating. They often do not get lubricated and will not put enough tension on the belt. So the result is the belt slips on the pulleys, hence the smell of burning rubber.

    This is all in the manual. If you do not have one, you can probably download one or order one from their website. It's a good idea to give your manual a quick read so you know what to look for, as you will get a better understanding of how the machine works and what adjustments it will need over time as well.
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    OK, so everithing gets lubricated regularly, even though the mower is less than six months old. I looked underneath the back of the mower while my employee was engaging and disengaging the manual clutch (which has the bolt and marker aligned as per the manual) and noticed that the top belt that goes from the engine to the back top pulley is slipping a little when the belt is not engaged. Will replace the belt on the next couple of days and hope that will fix the problem.

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