Exmark TTHP with a 52

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Did alot of reading old posts tonight about the Exmark TTHP. Seemed like the general consensus is that the 17 kawi is a little weak for a 52" deck. I was set on a 48" but my dealer (hi craig if your reading!!! LOL) has a left over with the 52" for a pretty good price & I'm very interested. Who's got one out there??? How's the power??? Grass up here can get thick, will the 17Hp be able to mulch it up???


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Flint, Michigan
The 17 on a 52 is adequate. These are great motors. Anything larger in deck size though, would not be sufficient.

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North GA
One of my 52s (The oldest mower I have) only has 18 hp. It will cut anything that should be even in a very tall yard. The only place the low power will hurt is cutting up a steep hill and cutting tall grass at the same time. I would not hesitate to buy this unit because of the low hp.


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