Exmark TTHP with Bull rider Sulky Q's

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NEUSWEDE, Apr 3, 2005.


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    I got my Exmark TTHP 2 weeks ago and my bull rider Friday tested the mower with the Bull Rider Sulky today and it seems over bumps and inclines the front raises up. Should I get the weight kit so the front stays down when mowing?

    Also those of you with the Bull Rider Sulky, there seems to be a wobble where the square hitch part is on my Bull Rider. The machined piece that is round on one end and square on the other, the square piece that goes into the hitch type thing and bolts in seems to wobble. Does anyone else have that problem? Seems to be thin, could just be mine.
    Thanks in advance
  2. AltaLawnCare

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    I just recently upgraded toa Hydro TT, and then to a BR.

    I really don't like mine, I liked the Velke x2 much better.

    U might want to check out this thread, if u haven;t seen it.
    Bull Rider Thread
  3. J.Gordon

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    I have a Hustler 25/54 Super walk-behind and the BullRider works great with it. I guess it’s the weight difference between the two brands. The only time I get a wobble is when I’m going about 8-10 mph and the wobble is at the tires, I just put my feet farther back and the wobble is gone. My major complaint with the BullRider is that it is a pain it tight areas. But the time I save in backing up and zero turns makes up for the negatives. I don’t have a problem going across a hill with mine either. If they make a Proslide that will back up for long distances my BullRider will be retired very quick.
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    Definately get the weight kit, it will make a big differance. I have the weight kit on my TTHP 48" with my Pro Slide and it does not seem to wheelie nearly as much. With time you will get more use to the controls and not wheelie at all. I have not purchased the weight kit for my TTHP 36" yet and I can run it with a Pro Slide with out much problem but I will be adding the weight kit as soon as my dealer gets it in. The 36" is real light in the front.
    As for the bullrider I can not help you there since I have never used one. I have used the 1 wheeled velke and the the pro slide. Hands down I choose the pro slide over the velke. You may want to try a pro slide they are really nice.

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