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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by LAZERCUT, May 2, 2007.


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    Just Purchased a turf roller for my exmark from my local dealer.The question i have is does anyone else own the exmark brand roller and if so when mounting the roller does the roller have to almost touch the ground or ride just above the grass that is cut.If mounting closer to ground the brackets hit the ground and dig in.The instructions do not tell you much. My grass cutting height is 3 inches and model LazerZ hp 56" Triton deck.Pics would be greatly appreciated.Thank You
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    Hello Lazercut,

    You want the Turf Striper to lay the grass blades over, you do not want the roller to be running on the ground. So you want to set the Turf Striper roller to be "just hitting" the cut turf.
    I hope some of the Lawnsite patrons will bring their experience to this issue.

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    what Brian posted is about right. You don't want it so low that it always hitting but low enough to get a good stripe. I had mine down about 1" below the blades. It worked very well for me.


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