exmark turf tracer hp hydro belt tensioner spring

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by alohazabel, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. alohazabel

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    I have an exmark turf tracer hp 52"

    Its about ten or 12 years old. MODEL: TT5217KAC SERIAL# 300671

    I was mowing along today and the mower stopped then wouldn't move. runs fine, but no movement.

    I looked underneath the mower, and the hydro drive belt seemed way to loose. then I found a big tensioner spring on the ground. I'm assuming I just need to reattach the spring, to tension the belt but I can't figure out where it goes, and I can't find a good diagram anywhere

    I checked the user manual and parts manual on exmark.com but the diagrams didn't really help

    Anybody have a link to a good diagram of the hydro drive belt, idler arm, etc?

    Or an explanation of where the tensioner spring goes?

    Any guess on why the spring came off? Its not broken or worn.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. BigFish

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    There is usually a bolt sticking down thru the motor deck that the spring hooks to. Coulda broke, look for a stub. You wanna make sure the idler pulley is in good shape and the arm pivot is greased up and free.
  3. Exmark PR

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    The best way we can help you is through a phone conversation. Can you call us at 402-223-6375?
    Exmark Customer Service
  4. alohazabel

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    thanks bigfish and exmark.

    Once I found the bolt the spring hooks to, I took the belt off the idler arm pulley, pushed the idler arm as far forward as it would go, and stretched the spring to the bolt with a brake spring tool. A piece of pipe or a big screw driver would work too.

    Then I pushed the idler arm toward the front of the mower, slipped the belt back on and I was mowing.

    Thanks again.

    Still not sure why it came off though.

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