Exmark turf tracer HP hydro pumps leaking

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by oldmacbride, Nov 27, 2007.

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    I have a turf tracer HP with leaking hydro pumps. They are the style with the aluminum body and an aluminum head. My leak is at the dump valves on both pumps. I have had to break them loose several times to move the machine when it has no power (embarrassed to say when it sometimes runs out of gas). I am told that this will cause them to leak. I know that there is a seal behind the valve but I am skeptical that a seal will fix this. Judging by the parts drawing it looks like the valve is a metal to metal fit. The machine pulls hard and tracks straight, no problems with performance, just leaks a lot of $6 a quart oil. Anyone dealt with this? Any input will be appriciated.

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    I've noticed you haven't gotten any replies to your post, but I've got the same problem on a lot of the Exmarks I work on, just not as severe as what your saying, these are leaking enough to collect alitte dirt after a couple of weeks work so this is what is coming?!? I've got a pump to take apart (in my spare time) so if I can get to it I'll tell you, and if you find out something, let us know. Thanks!!!

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