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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by better lawns and gar, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. better lawns and gar

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    I am currentyl using an exmark 52 lazer with a mulch kit. For the users of the vac system is it worth it ? The dealer here said i would have to remove all the baffles and change blades to hook up the system. Are these systems really that good to do all of this change over?
  2. I dont mulch ..but i have the ultra vac .I use it for leaves i dont bag grass.For what i use it for bagging leaves on city sized lots it is fantastic.
    Doesnt plug up much and baggs wet leaves excellent
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  3. landscapingpoolguy

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    i had one it was great...remember that it is a belt driven system so it will take away some of the turning power from the blades.....make sure you have 23 hp engine or more

  4. Phishook

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    I've have the three bag one on a 60" deck. Last year I mulched through October, then switched over to bagging in November. I worked pretty good.

    But, I'd run some type of mulching blades when you are using the vac. It fills up too quick otherwise.
  5. You also will get more blowout if you bag with hi lifts are even standard lift blADES
  6. Phishook

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    you won't regret buying the anti-blowout baffle either. It costs like $40, but you can just about vacuum leaves off pavement with out the blow out.
  7. STAN1366

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    Ditto what Phishook & Odin said. I dumped the mulching kit after 3 weeks. I run the Ultra-vac in the spring from cleanups till the grass growth slows up in June. From June till October I just run the standard Hi-lifts w/ Gators and a Trimmer Trap OCDC. If I need to catch any clippings I can put the Grass Gobbler on my Bob Cat or the Lazer, but I mostly side discharge till Oct. Then I'll put the Ultra-vac back on for the leaf season. Get the anti-blowout baffle. I went to the Exmark site and gave the part number to my dealer as he'd never heard of it before. It's well worth it.
  8. speaking of the blow out baffle ...i just bought a used 48 hp with a ultra vac for leaves to go along with my 52 with ultra vac.

    Are they makeing the blow out baffle for a 48 hp yet?
  9. DEEJ

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    Better Lawns,

    There is a less costly alternative - the Accelerator Bagger. I looked at the Ultra Vac but couldn't justify it. I run the mulch kits on a 2001 and a 2003 60 Lazer. In the fall I remove the kit (not a big deal) on one Lazer and switch back to normal blades. I use the all aluminum Accelerator Bagger (the extra long version) and love it. It is used for clippings and leaves. Works very very well, and it is a fraction of the cost. Goes on and off inseconds. It is very easy to dump. Accelerator Industries is a sponsor here - look them up. Peter (the owner) is very helpful. John Gamba has many pictures posted here of his Lazers with the Accelerator Bagger attached - do a search. The few minutes it takes to remove the mulch kit and change the blades is far less than it takes to remove the mulch kit and install the Ultra Vac storage drums, blower and weights.

  10. better lawns and gar

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    deej thanks for the info is this bagger not heavy when full and can you take it and dump it into 55 gal trash bags without much hassle thanks

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