eXmark users, its time to stand up and be heard!

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by 65hoss, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. 65hoss

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    Any eXmark users that have ever had a problem with blowout during leaf season need speak up. I'm creating this thread to put the ball in eXmarks corner because I've been getting lots of people asking me about the anti-blowout baffle. Problem has been that many people have other size decks than the 52" and 60". There are lots of 44", 48" and others out there that could benefit greatly from this product.

    My 52" Lazer HP was having a blowout problem during leaf season with the ultravac. I chased leaves all over the place, and as we all know, time is money. I got a anti-blowout baffle and solved the problem. On thin turf, no turf, and grass areas it works awesome. This product saved me TONS of time this spring doing cleanups due to running at normal speeds and only have to go over it once.

    I firmly believe this anti-blowout baffle adds to our bottom line. Since time is money and chasing leaves all over a lawn eats into our time, the anti-blowout baffle will pay for itself and help us make more profit. Profit is why we buy the machines we buy. Adding to those machines to make them more profitable is a necessity to this business.

    Any eXmark users that would be interested in one of these to enhance your mowers, please post on this thread. Maybe with 1 voice(or thread) we can get them to listen to you guys that don't run 52" or 60" decks.
  2. MikeLT1Z28

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    i'd like one for a 36" as well. still suffers from the same symptoms. for what it's worth, i've seen the baffle on 65hoss's at work and it's proof enough for me!

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  3. eXmark

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    Thank you. I assure you that we are hearing you and have been for some time. Please understand a fix or cure that works for one deck size needs to be tested on the others. Not all cutting width decks react the same to a given change. That is why we test in many different conditions and have the performance evaluated by more than one engineer or one customer.

    We are actually testing more than one solution to the issue had hand. A couple of these look very promising. We would however prefer to finish the testing and make sure our products function as advertised before going to market.

    Until those products are ready for market there are several things that can be done to ensure that the mowers are functioning at the best possible level with the UltraVac's.

    Verifying the deck rake, deck idlers are functioning properly, switching to a solid airfoil blade or a low lift blade, make sure the UltraVac drive idler is functioning properly. In some cases replacing the belt on the UltraVac has help with issues of plugging and in theory could make an improvement in the area of blow out if it is not functioning properly. In some cases it is possible to lower the cutting height and that helps dramatically as well. Scheduling some of the jobs a little sooner to prevent an over abundance of leaves which requires raising the deck even higher can help as well. We've heard some comments regarding the performance of aftermarket "gator" type blades that have been positive.

    Most of these solutions hold true when side discharging as well.

    Please if any of you have a question regarding how to improve the cut or reduce the blow out of your particular machine give us a call and we'll certainly try to improve the situation.


  4. ScotLawn

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    Ok exmark, don't forget us Metro guys too. I have a 2000 48" metro and WANT that baffel bad. I mainly run the mulch kit all year long and have had probs with blow out on leaves so far. i know that you guys have to test things before bringing them into production. I know we have to wait for this time frame but I would be willing to input any info I can about my setup that would help the design or testing to put this into production for the 48" decks faster.

    email me at scotlawn@midsouth.rr.com if you guys want any outside info on conditions in the midsouth.

  5. Angelo

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    Anit blow out baffle; I'd buy one for my 48" tt, and 48" metro. Cmon exmark leaf season is quickly approaching.:D
  6. Bob's Lawn

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    I have a 2002 Exmark 48" TTHP. I run with the mulch kit all year, and with leaves starting to fall I end up chasing them.

    If the anti-blowout baffle works, I know I would have one in a second.

    Love the Exmark and the ECS controls. The one change I would recommend is to move the "keep alive" lever more to the inside. It sometimes grabs branches and chainlink fences.
  7. Doogiegh

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    I'd love to be able to get a baffle for my 32" Exmark Metro, 12.5 hp Kawi, gear driven, pistol grip. (gotta be exact on the machine, right?)

    I believe that the size of the deck does not matter, whether you are running a 32,36,48,52,60, or even 72, the problem is the amount of AIR that is moving under the deck and the front right corner is the escape passage out of the deck.. If that can be "baffled", then the leaves have no escape from Alcatraz (under the deck) :)

    I'm even looking at buying some sheet metal type of duct work for houses and cutting a piece to mount somehow to my exmark to create my own baffle under production is underway...

    I just will NOT drill holes in my deck to attach this baffling, so I don't know how I will get it to be attached, but I'll think of something. <G>

    Thanks Exmark for your continual hard work and dedication!

    Gary H
  8. I want one for the 48 lazer hp
  9. joehar

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    from memphis
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    i have the 48 hp which i love.i would like the baffle to try for this leaf season.ill keep checking with my dealer for updates.
  10. NBLL

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    I could use a baffle on both of my 48's and not just for leaves. All year when I mow it blows grass out the front. People dont appreciate grass in their newly mulched landscape. :(

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