Exmark Vantage Lighting


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I wanted to add lights to our 52 Vantage. The Exmark kit is $279 -ouch. I heard a couple of 30 watt halogens from an auto parts store should work.

Anyone have a recommendation on a good light that will hold up to the abuse. Anything special about wiring it or just take it off the battery with a switch. Any suggestions on a mounting bracket.

It will be handy in the spring and fall.



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Sorry to be a little off topic but how do you like your vantage? I have the same unit out on a demo run as we speak though not mowing yet. Plusses and minuses. lot o money for as new unit. Any info would be great. Not to many guys near me use them. How about hills?
I would use the cheaper lights to start from Pep Boys. Northern Tool has some decent shock proof lights; get a flood pattern and maybe take them off later in the season to make them last.


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decatur il
If i were you, i would look into an led light instead of any old halogen lights from autozone. Try ebay or google them. You will have a cleaner brighter light with less power draw which would be better for your mowers elec system in the long run
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Go to ddmtuning.com and get those
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I would at least put an in-line fuse on the wiring or even if there is a switch with a built in fuse(?).

I would also suggest LED lights. There is a huge difference between halogen and LED lighting. I have halogen lights on my Deere, they are nice, but compared to my LED flood lights on my trailer, they look dim.

I've got signal soundoff LED flood lights on my trailer coupled with some standard halogen flood lights. The LED's give off 3x more light than the halogens and use a 1/4 of the power. The LED's are expensive (about $100 a piece) but you will be able to light up a very large area.

Personally, after having some experience with both cheap and expensive lights, I would spend a little more money and buy a quality LED light over a cheap halogen. The LEDs are just plain brighter, use less power, and I don't have to worry about the bulbs burning out anytime soon.

The lights on my trailer stand up to rain, snow and all the abuse from doing 55mph down the road. I've only had the LED's for 6 months or so, but they have been well worth the price.


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Easy like u said halogens or led lights. Check both ebay and amazon. Got to advance auto or orielys and get a motorcycle or arc battery, its rated for outdoor use and vibrations also very compact. Mount somewhere on mower run wires and add a toggle switch near your controls and presto! Hope this helps.
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I would just run some truck lights. LED's would most likely be better because of the vibrations of a mower.

I would not hook it to the battery directly. Way to easy to leave the lights on and drain the battery, leaving you stranded. Wire it off of something that is switched, and definitely use a fuse.