Exmark Vantages hitting Dealers...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tallimeca, Mar 31, 2010.

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    We got our order in today. I know some guys have been asking and Exmark said March......so they are on Target.

    There has been a bunch of posts on here talking about the Vantage and the Grandstands........ and how the Vantage was just a re badged toro.

    Yeah, the idea and basic design is the same, but after getting a look at the production units we got in today, there are even MORE differences then the prototype units. Obviously the Exmark has the Ultracut deck on it, but there are many differences from the Grandstands out in the field now. Don't know about the new production but....here is what is different....

    Dash panel is completely different, height adjust is different, deck linkage/suspension is different, solid rod controls for hydros, parking brake linkage, fuel tank, hydro motor mounts and frame area is different, motor options different.....shielding around exhaust, battery , and hydro is different....

    Like I said, I know know about new stock, but the stuff we seen come in for service last year for Grandstands are different then this Exmark model.

    Serviceability for these machines is really nice. Belts are really easy to get at compared to some stand on models. They have the standard Exmark service chart on the side of the machine, and even have decals with replacement belt numbers on them........

    The platform on these machines are the best out there. 240 lbs and i can jump up and down on it, like I freaking spring board and barely get it to pull the front wheels.......

    I think it's by far the most comfortable stand on thus far.....including some competition that I also sell. The view around the machine is way better then the Wright and Gravely/Dane in my opinion.

    Someone asked price.....20 hp 52 deck. $7799.99. This is the new style FS Kawasaki Engine. This is about the same price as the Gravley 23hp 52" Prostance Floating deck and the Wright Rapid hight 52" w/ 19hp motor and standard filter. Neither the Wright or the Gravely are running the new Kawi FS engines either.

    The ability to get off these and be able to walk behind them......and flip up the platform to save space has been a huge point of interest for guys.....even more then I thought it would be.

    Just dropping some info for you.

    Also, Exmark has a financing program from Sheffield that hit today. Payments from April until October......No payments from November to March for 48 months....... rate I think is like 12 percent. That's pretty slick.
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    Where did you get yours

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