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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scagman, Jan 27, 2002.

  1. scagman

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    Anyone have experience with this mower? It has the fixed deck, ECS only (I think), 15 hp twin kawasaki. How do the height adjustments work this is a big deal for me, also is the 15 hp enough for a 48" and how do people like the ecs. Im used to scags pistols. should I consider the viking or should I just be looking at the turf tracer hp. I plan to buy a new mower within two weeks. Its a hard decision on what to buy but, I know its definetley Exmark. I Just bought a new trailer the other day pretty exciting 6.5 x12 tandem axle, brakes, 2 racks, catch all box and split gates for $3447 seems high I know, but I guess thats just WA.
  2. It's not going to feel much diff than a Turf Tracer hp.

    Diff between the 2 floating deck, better hight adj. Doesn't change the rake when you change the hight.

    Look at the Exmark specs and see if the fetures are worth you paying for them.

    If you still have a Wb, why dont you get the rider so you can join the ride-a-throne club?
  3. scagman

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    Right now I have a scag 32" and a couple ariens 21"s. I think a 48" will suit me perfect for a year or so then Ill consider a 60" lazer. I think I can get the 48" viking for $3875 and the turf tracer for $4500-4700. My main concern is the heght adjustments and the 15 hp kawasaki although I dont think ill mulch much cause of the rain. The fixed deck doesnt bother me 2 years ago when I worked for a small lco he had a Honda 48" hydro with the fixed deck, didnt scalp anything those are smooth mowers not to impressed with what they put on it though the 13 hp honda is a little underpowered.
  4. Thrones come 44" to 72"

    Don't have to get a 60" throne
  5. scagman

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    Would a 44" ZTR be more productive than a 48" hydro with sulky? Why is the Exmark Viking ever mentioned seems like nobody has them. Ive searched and searched for info on a viking but have found very little, so I started a thread and getting no responses.
  6. scagman

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    spelling mistake N......ever mentioned
  7. A 48" Viking or TThp or ZTR should be the same in most cases, but if you have the places you can go the extra speed of the ZTR, then you will be more productive.

    Notice I uses the same size deck.

    The Viking is a less costing mower than the TThp because you have less fetures. Those fetures cost more money to make.
  8. TJLC

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    I've owned and used a 48" Viking for 3 yrs now. I also have a 36" Viking. Both have been very good mowers. Height adjustment has never been a big issue for me because I leave mine set at 3 1/2" all the time. My 48" came with a 14 hp Kawi but now has an 18 hp Kolher on it. My 36" has a 15 hp Kawi. I am in the process of buying a Lazer now (48"), possibly trading in my 36". Like I said both have been very good to me. Good luck.
  9. jeffex

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    I have 2 48" toro fixed deck mowers. You change the height by changing the 4 spacer shims on the front casters. to raise the cutting height you remove the lynch pin and take a shim off the top of the caster post and put it under the post. Slip the caster back on and reinstall the pin. Each shim will make about a 1/4 inch adjustment in cutting height. I have the gear drive toros and for the money they cut excellent . It is the same fixed deck as the viking fixed. The biggest negative to this system is the grease you get on your hands changing the shim configuration. I just carry a rag and the whole thing takes less than a minute. I leave 80 % of my lawns at 3" and adjust the rest to 2 1/2 or 3 1/2. I would like to have a simpler adjustment but for the money I spent on these mowers the retun on my investment is great!
    As far as the power goes I have a 15 hp Kohler and with a velke it will haul my 200lbs around great in 5th gear. I think 6th gear and we could keep up with the choppers!!
  10. Redmowers

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    The height adj on my Honda 48 fixed has to be about the simplest to change height.The front is the standard pull the pin and change the split bushings,but the rear is the easy part.Two long pins one holds adjustment ,the other acts as a lever to hold the adjustment until you can re-insert the pin once hight has selected.Total time required to change maybe 1 min. ,if I'm slow.Too bad they no longer make it!

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