Exmark Viking Drive Linkage

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    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post. I am a homeowner with a hilly 1/2 acre lawn with a lot of trees. I had a Toro Time Cutter, but got rid of it after spending more time working on it than cutting the grass.

    I bought a late 90’s Exmark Viking 36” mower that needed a little tlc. I repainted the deck, recoil housing, muffler, and rear wheels over the winter. I greased all of various fittings. I’m going to change the hydro oil/filter, oil/filter, belt, blades, and fuel filter before the Spring. And, I plan to re-adjust the valves.

    Anyways, I noticed that the left hand hydro linkage has a bend in it. Is this normal or should I replace the linkage? I cannot find any pictures of the part besides the part diagram. The part number is 1-413219.

    Below is a picture of the bend highlighted in blue. Also, I have attached a couple pics of my mini restoration project.

    I appreciate your help and look forward to learning more about lawns and equipment!





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