Exmark Viking - Fastest Blade Speed?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NNJLandman, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. NNJLandman

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    I've been looking at purchasing a Exmark Viking 48", my dealer says this has the fastest blade speed on the market and with that I wouldnt have to bag my lawns. Just wondering if people can back this up for him. I'm waiting for him to get a demo down this way so i can accutally try it out but I was just looking for some feedback. If I didnt have to bag some of my lawns that would be awesome.


  2. Runner

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    That is sales talk. While Exmark DOES have a great blade tip speed, it amounts to 18,500 fpm (ft. per minute). There are SEVERAL manufacturers out there who can truthfully make this claim, now. Some even claim 19,000, but I've never seen that substantiated. I CAN tellk you this...Exmark DOES give one of the most superior cuts out there.
  3. ALL Around Xteriors

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    This is what the sales person told me when i bought my Metro 36". But i am finding even with the mower at or near full throttle that the mower still leaves pretty noticeable clippings on the lawn. I guess if your only taking an inch off it wouldn't be so much of a problem but it seems that i have to cut 2" or more with all the rain we've had here in N. NJ I just bought it 2 weeks ago so the blades should be sharp still and I side discharge. :confused:
  4. lawnmaniac883

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    You should always be cutting at full throttle... FYI
  5. Richard Martin

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    The fastest BTS probably belongs to Dixie Chopper and by a country mile over Exmark. My Dixie at 3600 RPM is turning 20,500 FPM.
  6. JTF40

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    With ALL due respect, how do you know that for sure? :usflag:
  7. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin LawnSite Fanatic
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    Math. Dixie uses a 1:1 ratio on their 60" decks.
  8. rodfather

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    To begin with, why do you bag your lawns?
  9. Oldtimer

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    ALL Around Xteriors

    Run the mower @ full throttle, never less, and sharpen the blades every day.

    It's hurricane season in Florida
  10. FCS Services

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    isn't blade tip speed regulated not to exceed 20,000fpm ???

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