exmark vs. ferris stripes

Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by FinerCutslawnCare, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. FinerCutslawnCare

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    Hey guys i was just wondering what you thought did a better job at striping exmark or ferris.....i was looking to buy a 48' walk behing so tell me what you think! If you have time please tell why you chose what you did...:waving:

    JIM SNOOK LawnSite Member
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    ferris 48" hydro does a realy great job for us
  3. Brink's Lawn Care

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    Depending on grass type, all stock mowers will stripe equally well. All mowers striping ability depends on the trailing edge (back edge of deck) of the deck. Some mowers have the blade on the same plain as the bottom side of the deck shell (leaves hardly no stripe at all). Some mowers blades are 1/4"-3/4" and higher than the bottom edge of the deck. This will leave the best natural stripes. Most importantly deck rake. I see so many newbies, old farts and people who have no clue as how to properly adjust a deck. When you mow, your finish cut should look like a smooth plain. Not three different plains if using a 3 blade mower. If you see three plains more than likely your front of your deck is down.

    My best advice for you is. Choose the machine you feel best comfortable with and dealer support. I personally would go with exmark. Ferris mowers front baffle on the leading edge of the deck is to close to the blades and to low(not allowing grass to stand up to be cut). This means the grass lets say is 6 inches tall and you must mow it down to 3 inches. The grass blades are so long that the leading edge of the mower blade does not cut the grass at the leading edge of the deck, until the trailing edge of the deck makes the final cut. Look at scag, 7 iron, turbo force. The grass stand completely straight up inside the deck as the mower blades cut it while standing tall, not bent over like other brands.

    I hope i made sense, not awake just yet. Its early this morning, long night and am taking a day off finally to Dorney park.

    BTW, Your lucky i am tired, b/c things like this would brush me off the wrong way. Whatever happen to "figure things out on your own". To everyone on here. Stop asking so many questions. If you cant figure it out on your own, then ask us. Until then enjoy this beautiful day.
  4. rodfather

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    Striping should be your least concern since 99.99% of our customers don't have a clue about striping and the rest could care less. To me, reliability and productivity is what I concern myself with.
  5. mdlwn1

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    Very well said Brink's...I have never heard another lawn guy who could comprehend that. I could configure my Wb to cut the same height 3 different ways. Remove all blade washers for best layover. Put them back for best lift. And the rake...I'm giddy......someone else understands....
  6. Brink's Lawn Care

    Brink's Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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    Rodfather what u said above is very true. Without going into details, and making myself go crazy again, this is all i have to say. Where i am from everyone stripes. Sad things is, they do not understand the whole reason behind striping. Those who stripe in this area quote, this is the truth, "see themselves as professionals". They mow the same direction week after week. Sure their stripes are dark where the tire tracks are, even when the grass is now brown, lol. Their lines are not straight, sure wavy is acceptable when they are symmetrical. I like it when the grass grows nearly 6 inches in one week, then they believe they need high lifts on and they still stride to stripe the grass when they are leaving rows of grass that could be baled. lol. Spread it out !@#$%^&..Okay now i'm about ready to go nutts, so moving on.

    I feel better now, but i mean come on. Some lawns these days make you wanna puke. You get all dizzy from looking at all these lines, that go this way and that way. Please control yourself.

    I'm not saying i don't stripe. In fact i do stripe. But i do what best for the grass first. I'm not gonna say anymore on striping, reason, sure would hate for others to find out about my new way of striping.

    mdlwn1: I appreciate your comment. Thank you. So many people think they need rollers, mud flaps, chains(stupids things ever) and what are they called big league stripers? All that stuff is a waste of money, and can interfere with the turning ability of your mower(if a ztr). Lets not forget, these striping attachments can fold the grass over(looks like a bad cut). I like my grass razor sharp and standing tall when i am done.

    Well lets see who's gonna say something smart now. I've been reading lawnsite now for several years now. Never posted anything until his week. Why? To many newbies r messing up this industry and I had it. Know your stuff, or get out, or we'll put you out.

  7. DillonsLawnCare

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    you customer is not going to know any diference. all they want is their lawn to be mowed. do a great job on the lawn and forget about striping. even if you did stripe, i dont think they would notice anyways....
  8. daysel

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    from TEXAS
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    You don't post because newbies mess up the industry? lol
    And you know all the striping method secrets that no one else knows, right?
    Sounds like you got it all figured out. You must be the most professional on here.:rolleyes:
  9. americanlawn

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    Thanks Brink's -- nice posts. Our mowing crews do not use rollers, but they always make the lawns look nice (mostly Exmarks ans some Skags). My personal mower is a John Deere 727-A w/54 inch deck. It seems to make nice mowing patterns even though it is a "stock" mower with no added attatchments.

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