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exmark vs ferris


LawnSite Senior Member
Exmark and Ferris are both good mowers, get the one with the best dealer scervice. Call your dealer and demo both and see what you like.


LawnSite Bronze Member
tampa, fl
I live in a decent sized city with many, many, many LCO's. Most run eXmarks, as do I. I might see a guy with a ferris once a month if I am lucky.

I can think of 5-6 dealers within about a 30 minute drive that sell/serviceXmark, i cannot think of any that sell/service ferris.

I am gonna make a bold statement: Stick with the industry leader and you cannot go wrong.


LawnSite Member
We bought a Ferris Z turn from Collinsville Power. We also deal alot with Stone's Small Engine in Washington. Not sure what dealers you have down your way. We're real happy with our Ferris.


LawnSite Member
I just recently bought a Ferris 1500Z w/52" deck and triple bagger. Love it.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Just because you have 10 chevy dealerships in your town doesnt mean that ford sucks. What mowers you have in your area has little to with being an industry standard...industry standard for somthing like a mower doesnt exist anyways.

Both exmark and ferris are just like chevy and ford. Go out and compare what you get for the money and demo both like others have said. I have 2 ferris mowers and have had very few problems with them. Its totally your preference, but either mower is going to deliver a quality cut.