Exmark vs. JD, need response quick!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by blakerugg, May 21, 2009.

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    Only concern I would have - where and how will you get aftermarket support? Can't rely on Ebay for that, but I'm not saying these are not good machines.

    BTW did you know that Dixon, Husquvarnia and Yazoo-Keys are now all under the Husquvarnia unbrella? I've owned a few Dixons and that was a suprise to me.
  2. SfTD_service_CENTER

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    yeah the parts boxes i get say husqvarna on them. if you look a husqy ztr over you will see alot of parts off a black bear right on it. i like the husky they seem a bit high priced though. your right about dea;er support ther isnt any. i just bought a exmark and i couldnt be hapier with my purchase but i did pay 12000 with tax and loan so they are alot of money but you get alot of machine for it. john deere is a great mower a big lco arround me uses one and loves it an 830a with 23hp mulch on demand says it is the best. looks like it cuts really nice too. i say go talk to the dealer and see who you like better then go ith what they got i am sure you will be happy doing that. johndeere cut quality is awsome and exmark is a good all around machine beteen those two i would have a hard time picking between brands that is, a next lazer z is way out of a older deeres league a newwwer 800 serries though is a really fast good cutting machine, probly a better cut than my lazer z and mine cuts awsome! tough choice but good luck!
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    That's a valid concern. There are no local dealerships my me. The powertrain is no different than any other Kawi/Hydrogear/Parker powered machine. For the remaining parts there are 2 options...

    1. I buy my parts from the NorthEast Everride dist. in Mass. I live in PA. I've ordered parts 2 times (nothing major - special hydro oil filter and a foam lever grip). Both times they arrived next day via Fedex. I paid for standard shipping.

    2. Find an Ariens dealer. Ariens who now owns Everride started painting Everride mowers orange and selling them as Commercial Ariens units. Mowers are identical except painted parts are orange instead of yellow.
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    im trying to find them online is it the max zoom model or is there another model to look for. i want to see them i really like everride i wish they were arround here they had a small diesel model last year that was a really nice vertical shaft mower i never heard much about the mower itself but i wish i did.
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    Your comparing a commercial mower to estate model? Deck thickness? Wheel pumps? Hydro system? Research good and good luck.

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    Buy from the dealer with the best support. A product is only as good as the dealer that stands behind it. That said, if both products have the same support, Exmark wins everytime. Our local JD dealership recommends the lcos buy Exmark because the quality and cut is so good.
  7. tacoma200

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    I'm not the biggest John Deere fan but the 7 Iron decks from John Deere will compete with the best. It's the rest of the ZTR I wonder about. The Exmarks cut great but so does the Deere (and the Deere will kick most decks behind when it's wet). I would take the Exmark also but not for the reasons you dealer stated. Try to find a complaint on lawnsite about the 7 iron cut, very difficult.
  8. Jon S

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    Can you guys give me your opinion on the following. I have the opportunity to buy a 2009 John Deere Z-520A with a 54" deck, 25HP Kohler with ony 22 houir for $3500.00. Is this a good deal? It is like new.
  9. lotsagrass

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    If I were you and you didn't mind not having a Bad Boy dealer really close to you (assuming you don't), then I'd look long and hard at these: http://www.everythingattachments.com/Bad-Boy-Mowers-s/3.htm

    Look at what you can get for the money. I believe he'll ship it to you for free too or very little cost. So basically, you could get an awesome machine at a great price even with the shipping...usually more machine at less money than say an eXmark or John Deere. Just throwing out some other ideas. I know when I was looking to buy I would have appreciated all the input I could get, even if it wasn't a brand I was originally interested in.
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    Ted is a member on here so you can ask him.

    To the OP go with a Deere.

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