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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by anothertractor, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. anothertractor

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    Hello, I am getting ready to buy my first ztr and need some help deciding. i had pretty much decided to get t 53" Exmark lazer Z CT. i drove by the JD dealership today and decided I would take a peek. They had a 727 (54 ", 23hp Kawasaki) for 6500. I still think I can do better on that price. He also had a 717 (48 ", 19 hp Kawasaki) The exmark is going to be 6100 with armrests. I have been looking at JD brochure comparing it to Exmark and I am pretty impressed. The JD has larger tires, heavier deck, (7 ga stamped steel) Weighs about 10 percent more, hold more fuel, and has higher ground speed. Please let me know what you thinkabout the stamped steel deck and quality in general on both. I am familiar with tractors and know that JD makes a good product but I am not familiar with the mowers. I am sure that the salesman will call this week and I am going to offer 6000 for the 727 and see what happens. Do the prices on any of these units sound fair?
  2. txlawnking

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    No way I'd pay $6100 for a exmark ct, It's a homeowner model..Don't know about the deere prices.. I'd say do some serious homework on prices before you buy.
  3. jrwinter74

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    Bought my first ztr last year,..a JD 737 54" and I love it. I also looked at an Exmark before I bought the JD and had actually decided on the Exmark because I see so many of them around and the price was $1,500 less than the JD but the Exmark dealership is 1 hour from me and the JD dealership is 5 minutes from me. I have been satisfied witht the JD so well that I am trading it in next season for (2) 757's with 60" decks. The reason I'm trading the 737 is that the warranty runs out next year and they are going to give me 85% of it back on the trade. Make sure Exmark has the same warranty and be darned sure to get the trade-in value after the warranty runs out. Chances are in 1-2 years you'll be wanting to upgrade or just have so much business that you'll be forced to trade. Hope this has helped. JW
  4. sprout

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    :cool: I have the JD757, what a nice mower. The wife runs it most of the time, easy to maintain and very ,very good traction. The best ztr we have ever owned. I paid $8300 (a little high) but my dealer is good as gold on service. The deck hight adjustment feature is best out there.
  5. TheKingNJ

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    see which one feels better, what controls you like better, how the ride is, what seat feels better on your bottom, which leaves a better cut.
  6. sawman65

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    if the quality of cut matters get the exmark they just do it better
  7. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I have a JD 717 and just bought a new 737 yesterday with a 60" deck. My 717 has been bullet proof and Ive been impressed with the 737 on the 4 yards Ive mowed so far. Ive never tried a exmark so I cant compare them. My 717 was around 5900 with tax abd the 737 was 7004.21 out the door, Good luck in your decision.

    Quality Lawn Care
  8. chefdrp

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    i have a 737 and like it. Cant remember what i paid. Never owned an exmark. There are noe exmarks around here, 90% of guys have deere. I also have a lesco 48 w/b. Now that is a great cut. Maybe checkout there Z. I can tell you it will be a hell of alot cheaper in price. A guy on here named wriken has a hole fleat of them.
  9. griffithtlc

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    We have a 757 and it cuts very very good. I have never used a exmark yet so I also can't comment on them. But from what I have seen from this mower I would not want to switch. The thing I like best it they might be a little more spendy but from the dealership fixing any problems they have been awsome! We have had two problems with this mower:

    1. Clutch (That engages the deck) got a crack so iti did not operate right.
    Fix: Take one bolt off and bring in the bad clutch to the dealer and he gives us a new one.

    2. Gasget goes out on the Kawi Engine (25 HP air cooled). Bring the mower to the dealer and they had it done the same day. It was not a bad oil leak but enouph to make a person bring it in before it becomes a major problem.

    That's all we have done and the dealer has done these 2 things free of charge of us and has done a super job.

    I have to tell everone also that we bought this lawn company out last year and this is one of the machines we got. We explained that to the dealer and there was no problem Warranty is Warranty. If I have to pay a little bit more but get good service it is worth it. forget the best price at the time or if you can save a couple of hunderd bucks go for who is going to help you out when you need it and do a quality dob.
  10. JBird

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    I have a 737 and I LOVE it. It's comfortable and the deck adjustment has got to be the absolute best design ever. Dealer service is great and the warrenty is two years. Yes spend a few more dollars now but get tit back on trade in. A little more ground speed would make it awsome. But the dange thing cuts wet or dry and great on slopes with it's really low center of gravity. You won't be sorry today tomorrow or years from now when trade in time comes.

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