Exmark, vs Scag, Vs Snapper Vs Hustler, Vs Gravely

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by SIRCAESAR, Jan 16, 2004.


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    Hey you guys, I am trying to decide between the mowers I mentioned, which one is the best, I have heard great things about all of them?
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  3. John Gamba

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    I Kinda Like exmark.

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    Exmarks are great machines, I have many. I did however buy a new Hustler Super Z and love it. It will cut almost twice as much grass per hour as any of my Exmarks and give as good of a cut. When it comes down to it, time is money. The Hustler was like getting 2 Exmarks for the price of 1. The best thing is it will do the job of 2 Exmarks with just 1 operator. So far with just over 400 hours on it, no problems to report. I don't see myself buying another Exmark any time soon. Just ordered 2 more Super Zs. Scags are fine machines as well, just to heavy and a bit pricey. The Gravely 260Z seems to be a decent machine. With a top speed of 13mph, it will cut over 7 acres an hour under good condions. People that own them, seem to like them. Snapper, I really don't know about. I love the 21 push mowers, and I have a hydro 36" and it has been a really good machine. I don't see any Snapper Zs around here. Must be a reason.
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