Exmark vs. Scag


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I am looking at the Exmark and Scag 48&quot; hydro walk behind with floating deck and 17hp Kawasaki engine. They are within $50 of each other, so price doesn't matter. I am trying to figure out which one to buy.<br>The Exmark uses Synthetic transmission fluid, which seems good. Also, the machine seems slightly better built.<br>The Scag uses an electric clutch, which seems better. Also, the Scag dealer seems like a better guy to deal with.<br>Any recommendations as to which machine is the one to buy?? I would prefer concrete reasons, as opposed to &quot;BUY A SCAG.&quot; If one has a better transmission, that is a good reason. If one is easier to squeeze the handles, etc. Also, if anyone has put them side-by-side, which cuts better? Right now it seems like I should just pick my favorite color and buy it!!


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I would buy the Exmark over the Scag. Simple reason...I had a Scag, fixed deck 48&quot;. it would not cut level, it would leave &quot;steps&quot; in the lawn, and it would stand straight up on hills from lack of weight in the front. They let me use a 48&quot; hydro while they decided what to do about mine, it was a little better but not much. They sent me a replacement after 4 months and it was just slightly better than the original. None of them would cut bahia grass worth a $h!t. I realize you will not be cutting much bahia grass, that is just an example :) . Put it this way I bought a 36&quot; Exmark for back yards, and while it is by no means a fast machine, it would cut circles around the 48&quot; Scag I had. I sold the Scag for 65% of what I paid for it. It had 60 hours when sold.<p>Now, I realize you are referring to a floating deck, and the problems may not affect the floater. But this experience left me questioning Scag all together, ya know what I mean.<p>Like Lawrence said, look at a ztr, they ain't much more.<p>If you are set on getting a walk behind look at a 52&quot; instead, i think you would be happier with it. While it appear to be only 4&quot; bigger, it is an entirely different machine.<p><p>


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if it between scaga and exmark go witht the exmark! scags have a terrible quality of cut and they clum horribly. i have used scag hydros and dont even like the way they run.. very bouncy and the hydros are to jumpy! the exmarks are built great and have a nice cut. i wont recomend a toro t bar walkbehind cause ive never used one but i do own a toro ztr and it cuts better than anymower on the market... ive used just about all of them too. if you do decide to get a ztr instead make it a toro- the quality of a exmark with the finish cut of a toro!


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Seymour Indiana
SCAG!!! by far the choice. Exmark has nothing on scag maybe blade speed thats it...dealer service is great around here. I treid both and took the Scag hands down.


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I like Exmarks low volume, synthetic oil drive system. They've made floating deck walk-behinds since 1990. Scags' is new this year. I don't know the anti-scalp roller set-up on the new Scag design, but Exmarks works very well.<p>Walk-behinds are pretty simple. Now that pretty much everybody has followed Exmarks' lead in this area, you really can't go wrong.


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i say try them both and then decide. thats the best way to go about it. i did not know that exmark came w/o an electric clutch, or did am i mistaken? i have used both eletric and non-electric clutch walkbehinds. i like the eletric much more. much easier to use and saves on the belts. plus the new switch on the SCAG is even better. <br>dealer service is a big thing, try to stay with one so you get the best deals possible. <br>i own two SCAG's and have been happy with both. i have never used an exmark. so i have nothing to say about their mowers. all i can compare is the color, and i like the orange better. their red is nice though, but it all fades anyways, less with proper care.<br>the turf tiger i have runs great, cuts great and no problems through 250 hours its first year. very stable and productive and i like the foot height adjust, i can lift the deck while not stoping.<br>i have a SW48-17KA, the 17hp kawi is much better then the 14 kawi, starts very easy runs smoother and obviuosly more power. the front end is lite, its only a 48, but the model you are looking at, the Ultimate, is much heavier up front. i can lift up my front end very easy while the Ultimate needs some muscle. <br>the hydro capacity one running 4 quarts (SCAG) while exmark has synthetic and holds one quart. not sure either way. the synthetic will hold up in high heat better, but i dont think that would matter. i think if the temp got that high the pumps or motors would be hurt'n. but i dont know too much on hydro systems. <br>good luck, and like they said, a ZTR will be twice as produtive.<p>


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if you cant get electric PTO on the exmark, buy the scag. I have a toro 36 belt drive (exmark with toro controls) when I bought it, the blades spun down to a stop pretty quickly. but i noticed that they were spinning longer and longer (the bearings were breaking in). now it takes a good 15-20 seconds to stop the blades maybe a full minutes, i haven't timed it, but its long. and it matters, if you wanna be safe about things, or what if you run into an obstacle, it could be the difference between ruining your blades and not. with 2 blades a spindle, the run down time is even longer

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I own a scag 14hp dual hydro 36''.We use it for hills and getting through small gates.We also plow snow with it in the winter.I highly suggest scag.One guy said that the cut was no good.I have found that the cut on our scag is even better than our walker.I think that if you are going to be mulching than buy the exmark.Scag does not multch well.When I bought my Scag last year I was choosing between our Scag and an exmark.I bought the Scag becouse the interest rate was nuts on the Exmark and also becouse I deal with the Scag dealer alot.I think both machines are close to being equal.Look at dealer support and interest rates first and than decide!<p>from:Adam<p>AB Lawn Care