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Exmark Vs. Scag


LawnSite Member
Groton, MA
In my area MA, the top two brands as far as Z Riders go seem to me EXMARK and SCAG.
I plan to cut a large commercial account this season, and am looking to purchase a Z. Probably a 52 inch.
Any quirks with the Triton decks from Exmark, or the Velocity Plus from Scag?
Also any experience with the Navigator or Cougar? I may purchase a self contained bagging mower...

Just wondering what you all think about which brand is better...


LawnSite Bronze Member
both are good. I guess pick your poisen and go with which ever one has the best dealer support in your area.

We've been doing real well with the Navigators. No problems as of yet. I have a handfull out there with around 500 hours on them. Good sign.

The Cougars are big and bulky. Not many around. I thought they stopped building them?

There are plenty of posts on here about the Navigator. One as of recent i posted lots of good info with pics comparing the Nav and Walker.


Here's a link to the thread.


green acres lawns

LawnSite Senior Member
marshfield mo.
Tallimeca is correct. The couger is no longer in production. They have some stored in a wharehouse if you really want one but I demoed one for a week against my Walker and then took it back. Almost 1800 pounds on narrow tires made me nervous. And like he said, Its big and cumbersome when used where you would use a Walker. Now the Navigator on the other hand has me interested. Just wish the Exmark dealers around here were more interested in selling them.