Exmark vs. Scag?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by clutch20, Jun 30, 2014.

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    How do you like the Cheetah in the 72? I am looking at the Cheetah or Toro 6000 Horizon tech in 72. Can't make up my mind. I can get the Toro about a thousand cheaper with both having Kohler EFI. I am thinking that the Cheetah will cut better (pasture areas) and ride smoother than Toro. The Toro is a high tech machine with a 7 gauge deck at a great price.
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    I would get the toro. But that's me. Single fill fuel tank, better seat etc etc. also the toro warranty beats the scags
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    Absolutely love the Cheetah 72". The cut is excellent and it doesn't seem to have the scalping issues associated with most 72's. It's cut well at high speeds. Mine has the 34 EFI Kohler and it has been everything I hoped it would be - tons of power and super smooth. The Cheetah just turned over 100 hours last week and the only cons I feel like I should mention are...

    1. The highest setting for the deck is 5 inches.
    2. Sometimes you'll be rolling along mowing at a fast speed, hit a bump, and the deck will bounce up and lock into the transport position. Aggravating.

    Other than that, the thing is a beast.
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    Scag Dealer is in Anchorage.
    Exmark is in Fairbanks.
    There is also a Hustler, grasshopper and gravely dealer in Anchorage.

    No, Im not a dealer for Ferris Yet.
    Like I said been toying with idea of it.

    Talking/thinking/working on taking the Walker Dealership, at the moment.

    Husky dealer is wasilla doesn't really sell commercial mowers out of that location, although I suppose he could get them.

    Trying to go Walker/shindaiwa.

    I would like to have the Ferris Line, but really only interested in the Fw35 and DD machines.

    I have a 36 and a 52 Evolution for sale if your interested. Both have under 150 hours.

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