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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by f4uguru, Jul 19, 2003.

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    I have a couple of questions regarding Exmark vs. Scag. I'm in the process of getting my business license, federal tax I.D. number etc., etc. and plan on starting my business in the spring of 2004. I have narrowed down my choices for a mower to Exmark or Scag. Since I'm new in the business I'm only going to target the small to medium residential accounts for now and after gaining exp. maybe some larger residentials and small commercials in the future. I really have my eye on the Exmark 36'' Viking hydro. Visited the local dealer the other day and he really was trying to sell me on the Lazer CT. Just think this is to much mower until I est. a customer base. My question is what are some of the different advantages with Exmark & Scag Hydro walk-behinds(speeds,preventative maint.,warranty,price,financing etc.) I hate to say this but the Exmark just looks so damn good and I don't want to form an opinion on looks alone.

    Thanks a bunch. This site freakin rocks!!!

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    Welcome to Lawnsite!

    When comparing the fixed deck models you'll actually find several major performance differences.

    First the drive controls. The ECS controls are considered by many to be more comfortable than the pistol grip designs. This will vary from user to user but there's a reason we produce so few pistol grip models these days. The ECS is simply in much greater demand.

    ECS gives the operator much better hand placement, hand and forearm comfort as well as hand protection with is extremely important on the smaller cutting decks such as the 36" models.

    We also have an 18,500 feet per minute blade tip speed which I don't believe many 36" walk behind mowers can match.

    All Exmark mowers have "No-maintenance" blades spindles with not grease zerks. We grease them hear and eliminate the need for maintenance as well as back them up with a 3 year warranty.

    We also have semi-pneumatic front caster tires. On most walk behind mowers one of the greatest complaints or frustrations if punctures to front caster tires. With the semi-pneumatic tires any chance of flat tires is eliminated.

    We use a mechanical blade engagement rather than an electric clutch. Electric clutches are a must for larger horsepower engines however on most small walk behind mowers we've never seen the need to had the expense of these items as well as the potential down time if they should fail.

    I hope this helps. You can also give us a call at 800-667-5296, e-mail me at terry.eckert@exmark.com or send us another post here at lawnsite.com if we can be of any further assistance.

    Thank you

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    Thanks Terry!! I'm pretty sure that the Exmark is the mower for me! Thanks for the speedy response.

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    Don't buy Scag pistols, it is hard and nagging at your palm even though the unit is a true tank.
    36" Viking rocks, had I had enough budget then I would have got the Viking but unfortunately had to do with budget, anyway, the 36 Metro is a true profitable worker though...
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    talk to FrankenScag about the Scag line--he just made the cross over to Exmark. You will be happy if you get an Exmark.

    Take Care--Mike
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    Here Try Before you Buy!


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