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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by bucknut, Nov 8, 2005.

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    I hope I'm not driving everyone nuts, but all I think about are mowers. I need to buy one soon. You all have been very helpful. Thank you! I have narrowed my search to the Exmark Lazer CT 48" or Simplicity Consumer Z 50". I have loved the Exmark since day 1, but it has kind of been out of my price range. I love the quality of cut, the smooth ride, ease of use, fabricated deck, and superior quality throughout. My only concern is that 18HP Briggs engine. I am worried it will not be enough. It is for home use, but there is a chance I will add a mulcher or bagger in the future. I have been quoted a price of $5399 and the dealership is excellent. I am over my price limit so going to the Lazer HP is out of the question. The Simplicity would be another excellent choice. I like the quality of cut, the 20 HP seems to be enough for the mower, it has many commercial qualities. It does not ride as smooth or have as much speed as the Exmark. I was quoted a price of $4399 and the dealer is pretty good. I am looking for a superior cut quality followed by ease/smoothness of use, with strength and power to back it up. I want to have fun mowing. I want to have this thing for 20 years so I want to make the right decision. I don't want any regrets. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I would go with the Exmark, I have a 60" lazer that I love. It has a 27 hp Briggs, that has only bogged down on me once or twice (It has nearly 600 hours on it). I have ran many other brands (Simp, Husq, Great Dane, John Deere, Gravely, Grasshopper, etc.) and I would still take the Exmark over any other brand. And as long as you keep up on all the maintance it could run for well over 2000 hours (friend has one with nearly 2200 hours).
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    The 18hp will be plenty for the 48" deck.

    Before the Lazers, I cut with a Ransomes Bobcat 61" with an 18hp Kohler engine. When I got it, the machine had 2700 hours on it (original engine - regular oil changes). It now belongs to a friend and is still going strong with over 3500 hours on it.

    The 18hp drove the hydro and the blades with no problems. In deeper grass it was definitely working harder than my 26EFI 60" Lazer and my 28EFI 60" Lazer, but it got the job done. You are talking about 18hp on a deck that is 12 inches smaller. In my view, you will have lots of power.

    This mower is a long term investment. The extra $1000 spread over your expected 20 year lifespan is nothing - $50 per year. Find the money up front, you will be much happier in the end.

    The other thing is the quoted price. I never pay quoted price. Wheel and deal and don't back down. Get quotes from a few dealers, look at shopping across the border in Canada if you are close (and if it helps). My point is, the difference may no be $1000 if you are a shrewd negotiator! My 2001 Lazer came from a dealer 2 hours away - smok'in deal. My 2003 lazer came from a deal 1.5 hours in the other direction - another good deal. My bush hog came from dealer in Florida (I live in Canada) - half the price I could get it for here (even with the dollar exchange).

    Look at dealer financing, no payments for a year, apply for a low payment credit card (to be used just for this purchase), any of these plans that will help you in the long run. Make darn sure you don't get stuck with some crazy interest rate.

    Remember also that with homeowner use, this unit will not likely see 50 hours use per year. It is a dedicated grass cutter that can't be used for general use like a garden tractor. With proper oil changes and maintenance you will get tired of it before it wears out.

    Go with your first impression, it is right. The Exmark is the machine for you, given the choices. Don't settle for a mere $50 a year over 20 years. You will always regret not spending the extra little bit.


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