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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Drivefaster35, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Drivefaster35

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    Ok I am currently running all deere right now but looking to go elsewhere for many reasons. I have always been interested in exmarks hustlers and toros but for right now persueing intrest in toro and exmarks. Just what are the diffrences between the two other than there decks. I am currently looking at 2 maybe three zero turns a 60" diesel with bagger another 60" problly diesel for side dioscharged lawns and a smaller 48" deck gas engine zero turn. I am also interested in 2 walk behinds in the 48" range but not sure which model to go with the exmarks look much more user friendly with the ecs handels rather than toro's T bar. any help would be awsome I'm sure I'll have tons more questions in the feuture on specifics to help make a decision.
  2. Frue

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    I personally think the t-bar is much easier to use and I have used both. I think exmark Z are smoother to run and the cut quality is about the same. I do not like the triton decks at all! I would go with a ultra cut deck. I have talked to a mechanic who works on exmarks only he told me that since Toro has taken over they are putting cheaper parts on the exmark so beware of longevity issues with the exmarks. I know of at least 8 guys who have had pump issues with the new models. I also no that the hrydro lines are not the same as they once were in the exmarks.
    i have a toro 500 turbo force I like it but I like the way the exmarks handle better. The turbo force cuts better than the triton and just as good as the ultra cut. I bought a new z this year and it was a ferris so my advice is give ferris a shot.
  3. tacoma200

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    I like both company's. I like Exmarks Ultra Cut deck but I've heard too many complaints on the Trition deck so I'm spooked a bit. I think Toro's Turbo Force deck gets some good reviews and it is built very heavy. I think Exmark has them in engine selection though.

    If I found a good price on the Toro unit with the diesel I believe you want I would give it some consideration, make sure it has the Turbo Force deck.

    I personally switched to Scag. Not hardly as smooth cut as the Exmark Ultra Cut but it will cut in more conditions with no clumps or buildup and is a heavier built machine with ton's of engine options. Love the Velocity deck.

    All 3 are good company's so I would demo them all come Spring growth.
  4. tallimeca

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    Generally you will find the Toro machine equivalent of an exmark will be a little cheaper. Cheaper tires and small stuff like hardware and plastic covers and such. Some models use small pumps/wheel motors and of course toro uses their own decks. Different engine options.

    The Triton decks did have some querks for some users, but updates came out with them and i haven't heard any complaints, although i'm sure some people are never happy. Newer models were updated at the factory. Older models, kits were available from exmark and covered under warranty.

    For those who love the ultra cut deck, i have good news.

    The Lazer HP 52" ultra cut is back for next year, as is the regular full size lazer 27hp with 60" ultra cut.
  5. Drivefaster35

    Drivefaster35 LawnSite Senior Member
    from Midwest
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    does either mower have an advantage when it somes to handeling or striping ability? My john deere 777 handels like crap the toro that I demoed had the 23hp diesel rather than the 25 like the one i'd be buying with about 30 hours on it. I felt as though the hydros were much more resposive and easier to turn than the deere however the deere has a 27hp liquid cooled gas and surprisingly seemed as though it cut threw the thicker grass better but I have heard the diesels dont really start getting the most power tell 50+ hours????? any thoughts?
  6. cgaengineer

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    As far as wal behinds, the Toros are a little more expensive but are built better.

    For me the choice was between 2 models, Both Dual Hydro. The Exmark lacked electric start, 15hp vs 17 on Toro, 36" vs 40" on Toro, rubber discharge shoot on Toro instead of metal, tougher construction all around and T2 controls vs ECS which I didnt like. The cost difference between the two was $800, the Toro was more expensive but had a lot more features then the Exmark.

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