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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by J & M Lawn Care, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. J & M Lawn Care

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    i have noticed a alot of lawn care companys around town using big mowers on small yards and small mowers on small yards. I get small yards done alot faster with the exmark than the walker. But people tell me using the walker will leave a much nicer and finer cut than any other, but takes longer. But i know time is money. So i figured using the exmark on a small yard, u would be making a good profit. Using a walker on a small yard u are burning your profit. Lets see for a $45 yard

    exmark (60 in)(23hp)- small yard= 30 minutes
    walker (42in)(20hp)bagged- small yard= 45 minutes

    whats the best option
  2. fergman

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    an idiot would use the walker.... PERIOD. you have to look at making money. the walker isnt going to leave as good of a quality cut anyway. dont get me wrong,if the size of the deck on the walker looks better in a small yard then do what you want. but then again a push mower would look better in small yards sometimes. but you couldnt pay me enough to do it simply because of the time it takes.
  3. I think it really depends on your market. If your customers want the lawn bagged, or if they don't like big machines in thier yard then the walker would be the one to use. However, if you can use the emark w/o damaging or rutting the turf and the customer is happy, then its a no brainer for the exmark.
  4. tjsquickcuts

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    I have seen in some cases where a walker out finished a standard ZTR.....The walker will save you time on the clean up.....But if I had a choice between the exmark and walker, the walker would be on my trailer. You cant get a better finish cut with anyother mower hands down. I love my Scags, but they are going to have company next year with mr walker coming aboard. But it will only be used on my top notch high end homes, and never on any comm. accounts unless it is really needed.....
  5. KS_Grasscutter

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    Try telling that to the 5 or 6 full time guys in my town that use a Walker or multiple Walkers as their main, or sometimes, ONLY mowers. In a market where you have to bag 100% of everything all the time, they are the only way to go. The BEST lawns here are done with Walkers, thats just the way it is.

    To answer the original question, I would take a Walker over Exmarks any day.
  6. txgrassguy

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    First things first, C4 grass - meaning "warm season" grass does not stripe the same as C3 grass - meaning "cool" season or northern grass. Simple fact of life.
    You want an explanation I'll provide it but trust me on this one.
    Hands down the best mower choice I have made was using a dedicated bagger - the ExMark Navigator - on my high quality sites.
    Oh I wish it was a Walker but there was not a local dealer (with-in 50 miles anyways) so I settled for the Navigator.
    Come to find out I bought a whole crap load of goods 'cause ExMark is never going to market a side discharge deck nor any of the other implements associated with a Walker.
    Lesson learned - buy a Walker and be done with it.
    I have over twenty machines, mostly zero turn types - I'll remember the crap from ExMark when fleet fotation time comes around - BET ON IT!
  7. J & M Lawn Care

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    i'll take some pics of my equipment in a couple of days to post-been in business for 11 months now
  8. Jason Rose

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    The biggest problem with large ztr's on small lawns is all the turning around and potential turf damage from the extra wide tires and weight of the machine. Yes, some small lots are fine, but others turn into a mess fast, no matter how skilled of an operator you may be. Plus, you aren't going to find too many people that will tell you a small lawn looks as good on the finish cut and stripes (striaght lines) with a 60" ztr over a 42 or 48" walker.

    I could mow all my lawns, except for going thru some gates, with my 61". But some would just flat look like crap. Once may fly, but week after week, probably having to go in the same direction in many areas to prevent scalping and because of the tight quarters, just looks like CRAP. Slap a Walker on the lawn and problem solved. Time wasted? Who cares. You are doing a better job and providing a higher quality service. Other people WILL notice.
  9. J & M Lawn Care

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    yeah i notice turf damage when i turn with the exmark, almost on every turn. i get pissed when i see that. I am thinking using a walker, u will lose money per hour, but also gain more accounts<-- i could be wrong
  10. Jason Rose

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    see... You are coming around! :waving:

    I think you need to be more critical about your actual mowing times though. Of course, how "small" is small we are talking here? Under 10K? Under 6K? I really won't use my 48" walker on anything larger than around 9K, and that's pretty large, but it's some that just tear up with the 61" too bad. I use the 36" on the 2 to 3K size lots, mostly for gate reasons to access part of the lawn.

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