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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ratherbeboating, Mar 26, 2002.

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    First I'd like to say thanks to everyone here at Lawnsite.com.

    I just purchased a house with a large, to me (just moved out of townhouse) lawn 3.5 acres and needed a mower. I read probably 300-400 posts, I enjoyed everyone's comments from the 15yr old just starting out to the "lawngodfathers" and the distributers taughting their own products.

    I received soooo much information about the mowers and pricing that I feel confident I've made an educated and quality decision. I could speak knowledgebly to the dealers without letting them give me a bunch of crap and could correct them when "they" made a mistake on the equipment.

    Here's my scenario, 3.5 acres about 2.75 of lawn. A lot of trees, the house and barn to cut around and some hilly areas. Gravel driveway and need to cross another gravel road to cut the rest of the lawn. I started out thinking about a normal ride garden mower....that got nixed quickly after reading the first few posts. Then I went to the ZTR because of all the great things said, I nixed that one due to price alone (my wife would have shot me). SO I ended up with:

    Exmark 17 kaw, 52" cut, Hydro, recoil, ecs grips. One reason is resale another is I'm tired of buying things twice, ie. should have bought this one the first time. I know I could get a cheaper brand and get the ZTR but if I have to sit, I'll get the sulky.

    Proslide attachment, due solely on the posts....it doesn't beat you up as bad but the main thing I liked was that it flips up once you jump off.


    Shindaiwa T-230 timmer with brush cut blade.......again, solely on posts. I own Stihl products (chain saw, pole saw)and have had no problem with them but I'm always looking for something of quality.

    So guys, A HUGE thanks for the info and good luck this season, I hope lowballer doesn't get you!!

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    Congrats and I think you will love your new machine. Good luck.

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