Exmark walk behind ran, died, and now wont start

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by condo180, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. condo180

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    i have an older Exmark Walk-behind mower. i took it out of storage this year and cleaned the carb, changed the oil and gas and fired her off. she ran right away and didnt miss a beat. i went out to my first job, started it up and started to move it from behind the trailer, before i even thought about starting the blades, the mower cut out and died. i couldnt start it again. i brought it back to the shop, fiddled with the carb, ( i ended up putting a brand new one on because i had it on the shelf). still nothing. its giving good spark but i cant get it to fire no matter what. i've tried starting fluid both through the carb and directly into the cylinder. oh and i've also held the safety handle down just in case something happened to one of my safety switches or something. i'm leaning towards a valve problem but i'm not sure... bottom line, i'm running out of options and i need to figure something out quick! any help is greatly appreciated! thanks, jon
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    This solution is a bit pricey and it's the reason I've never done it,
    but if the absolute worst comes to and you still don't have a mower
    and you HAVE to go out and mow some lawns?

    You can rent one from one of them rent-centers.
    But they're not cheap...
    Like $150+ a day.

    I realize this probably isn't very helpful right now but I thought I'd mention it,
    it's something I like to remember as a very last resort you can still git'm done.

    The next step I would do is take the valve cover off and take a peek in there.
  3. condo180

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    thanks for the advice haha.. we have a repair dealer arund here that gives you a mower to use if the repair will take more than a day... but i'm not sure i want to pay for the repair either haha.. i'm gonna pop that cover off tonight and give her a loook... i'm pretty interested in what i'm gonna find.....
  4. condo180

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    i forgot to mention in the original post that i am getting absolutely no fuel into the cylinder. the spark plug has not gotten wet once. this is why i'm leaning towards a stuck or broken valve, specifically the intake valve.
  5. DT Lawn Care

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    Fuel pump? Are you getting gas to the carb?
  6. condo180

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    no fuel pump on this mower, its all gravity fed. and yeah the bowl fills up every time. on occasion i will get gas that comes out near the exhaust port so i know the carb is working.. plus its brand new.
  7. kenneth meals

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    A little conflict on what it's doing, you said the spark plugs not getting wet, but in the next you say you have fuel at the exhaust port. Sorry just trying to get a clear assessment of what it's doing.
  8. condo180

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    sorry for the confusion... the spark plug is deffinately not getting wet. i'm absolutely positive about this one. as far as the gas by the exhaust port goes, i'm not sure as to what caused this. i'm thinking that the intake valve is stuck shut or something, causing the fuel to not get in. let me knwo if this helps
  9. Jason Pallas

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    I had a similar problem once.... believe it or not, I had to make sure that the choke plate was 100% closed tight for it to start. You may want to try looking at this. BTW an engine Make and Model would be helpful...
  10. condo180

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    yes, i have heard that the chokes can sometimes be an issue. i just tried it yesterday to no avail.... the engine is a Kohler Commander 15 hp. model number is CV15T the spec number is 41542. something that continues to baffle me is why it wont start with starting fluid.. especiall when it is sprayed directly into the cylinder.
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