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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by A&M Landscaping, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. A&M Landscaping

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    I am going to buy a Exmark 36 inch walk behind. The reason I am going this small is because it will be used for all the tight spots. It is going to be a belt driven because of the price increase. But I am stuck in a tight spot because i don't know which one to go with. I have decided on the Metro series. But i don't know if i will go with the Metro or the Metro HP. Is it worth the extra $1,000 for the full floating deck or not. Please help me with this decision.
  2. nobagger

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    A&M, Months ago I was debating on buying a 36" Metro But decided on a 52" TTHP. But the dealer said the difference between a floating deck and a fixed deck, other than obvious reasons, is the terrain. If a lot of your accounts are pretty flat then I would suggest the fixed deck, but if they are "hilly" then a floating deck is the way to go. Also if you can swing it budget wise then I would buy the floating deck, a hell of a lot easier to adjust height. :waving:
  3. Cigarcop

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    If you were look at and considering the need for a 36", why the 52"?
  4. Petr51488

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    I would say to go with the HP model. The regular metro looks cheap.. The Hp has bigger tires, and has a floating deck. To me, when i had to make the choice, the overall look of it made my decision.. Another reason for getting the hp, is that you can go over all terrains, like stated before. With the fixed, your going to have to worry about scalping..
  5. sgoalie23

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    A floating deck will help you with a wider deck, obviously the wider the more chances for scalping. With a 36" IMO $1,000 isn't worth it.
  6. traman

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    well after 3 yrs of mowing ,you should have a good idea on your customer base ,meaning are most of your accounts the same cutting hight ,if so go with the fixed deck,but if your like me always cutting at different heights go with the floating deck ,it can adjust from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches in 30 seconds ,worth every penny to me ,and the metro hp comes with 15 kawi twin i think its an option on just the metro a 13 single is standard
  7. Roger

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    I have an Exmark Viking, 36" fixed deck -- used it for seven seasons. It was the first w/b, and was concerned about scalping for that width. That was a wrong concern. The width isn't the problem, rather the lenth (forward/backward) direction. The distance between the front caster wheels and the rear drive wheels is more than the width of the machine. I quickly learned I had more trouble scalping in the forward/backward direction than the transverse direction.

    I don't know how different the Metro is constructed. The fixed deck may be close to the Viking (yea, smaller drive tires, and maybe some other things), but I'm merely raising an alert to you that the width concern may not be the most important.

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