Exmark, Walker, Commercials read this!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dynamic, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Dynamic

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    This is a true story. I have a RZT 50 Cub Cadet that I bought last year (May 2007) to help on my accounts as I didn`t have the money at the time for another Tank. Well, as of right now we have 3860 hours on it, and the only money spent on it is welding rod. Cub Cadet have covered spindles and a new seat and harness under warranty. I thought I would put this on for any of the newbies starting out than this has been a good investment for us.
    We grease everything every 3 days and change the oil(full synthetic) and filter every Friday morning regardless. I have read on here before bad things about Cub Cadet and the RZT 50`s but after reading this maybe all the Exmarks and Walkers will be for sale.LOL
  2. Turf Dawg

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    How do you put 3860hrs on a 07 mower?
  3. Lbilawncare

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    Are those Canadian Hours or American hours ?
  4. DuallyVette

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    You leave the ignition key on all winter :cool2:
  5. BarrFarms

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    Well im proud of ya. But ill keep the Walker. lol.
  6. lazer 46

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    I couldn't afford to change oil every week. And Synthetic no less.
  7. Dynamic

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    Most of our lawns are 5+ acres and some are cut twice a week depending on the height. Just honest Canadian work. LOL. I truly believe that the differance is the synthetic oil. I know there is always debate on oil but this is just another testimonial towards it.
    I am surprised Topsites hasn't had anything to say yet, he's usually good for a couple no point, stupid, waste of time comments!
  8. Jason Rose

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    Where's my BS flag??

    So, just an estimate here, with 3860 hours in about a YEARS time, that means that mower was mowing grass about 10 hours a day, 365 days a year from the time it was bought till today. And in canada no less, where you have a 6 month growing season... awfully impressive.
  9. mississippiturf

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    Over 8 hours per day run time six days a week!!! WOW My butt would have 1/2" callouses!!
  10. meets1

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    I think we run hours but this guys takes the cake and mower to a whole new level!

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