Exmark WB cut vs. Hustler WB cut

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DLS1, Aug 31, 2002.

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    I created this new post once in Hustler area but can't find it so here goes again.

    I was going to buy a Exmark Lazer Hp next year but I am having 2nd thoughts. I like the new Hustler Gatemaster concept (turn deck sideways to get into small gates.) I mow alot of yards with gates from 32" - 42". This would help boost production for me more than a Lazer. I am thinking about getting a Gatemaster with 48" deck.

    Since I have never demoed a Hustler yet, how is the cut vs Exmark?

    How are the Hustler motorcycle controls for the Hustler WB?
    I assume it doesn't tire out you hands/muscles like pistol grips.
  2. Looks like it has it's pluses and minuses.

    The gatemaster has "4" blades on it, and four blades should cut better than 3.

    But then again no one knows since it has not me released yet.
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    LGF, could you explain how 4 blades would be better than 3, or even 2 ... with relation to the proportional increase in blade tip speed .. afterall, you have a couple of Lazers if I recall ....
  4. Less drag, less power requirements, better discharge.

    I want to design a mower it would be a 60" or 72" with 4 blades on it.

    I think Walker has a deck with 4 blades on it also.
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    Would you actually explaining that, rather than just saying it. It seems my math/physics book says the exact opposite. To gain the same air flow/discharge and cut quality as a 3 bladed system, the 4 blade system has to spin much faster to have the same tip speed of the 3 blade system. And, because the “effective” lifting area of the blade sail is reduced by the smaller circumference of the 4 blade system, is has to spin even faster. In addition, if the blade sail is increased in pitch to increase airflow, the drag increases by the “square” of the rpm.
    With that in mind, knowing it takes “proportionally” more horsepower to spin an object at faster rpms, the 4 blade system will require more horsepower to run. Then, if we add the addition of more drag from increased surface area of 4 spindle pulleys, more bearings (more spindles), and additional belt tensioners all running at a higher rpm, even more drag is applied to the system.
    Finally, let’s not forget the actually “swept” cutting area of a larger diameter blade is greater giving more grass contact of the cutting edge and better cut. Furthermore, a greater part of the cutting edge of a larger diameter blade retains more of its speed, compared to a smaller diameter blade, which again translate into a better cut. This is from my physics book. What does yours say???

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