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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Snyderserv5060, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Snyderserv5060

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    Heres the situation im in. I bought a good overall condition (04 ish) 48" Exmark Walker, Hydro, ECS, Floating decka year or 2 ago. The unit came with the Kawasaki 17hp motor (Kawasaki FH500V). Towards the end of last season the engine started making odd sounds (which I was not able to pinpoint), ran rough and on startup smoked for a few min. At this point the mower is in great shape, strong pumps, tight spindles so I feel its best to put a new motor on it...by the time I do repair work or have it looked over the cost of a brand new engine is reached.

    However I have a few questions:

    Do I replace it with the same Kawasaki FH500V motor?
    Are the newer "redesigned motors" FH541V better motors, same 17hp?
    Any chance the 19hp engine will work on this or is this just pointless?

    Also can I get a motor with electric start and wire it up or cost wise will this not be smart, I know Id need to make a battery tray and all that but was wondering while im doing this. Figured it would be a good time to start working on it so it will be ready to mow in a short while.

    Thanks for your help!
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    You can go with the new engine no problem and can go with an electric start if you want. Biggest thing to keep the same is the crak shaft sizes. post the complete model and spec and give us something to go by.
  3. dutch1

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    Secure your model and code numbers(Example: fh500v-as05) then give Small Engine Warehouse a call to see what they have for a direct replacement in what ever configuration you happen to pursue. As shs posted above, measure the diameter, length, end threading and keyway so they can give you some help.

    www.smallenginewarehouse.com buys overruns and overstocks. You will find them to be very helpful and their prices are usually between dealer cost and retail allowing you some cost savings.

  4. Snyderserv5060

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    Thanks! I guess I was a bit unclear above with the details. Both motors have the same crank size and such. What I should have stated is would there be any advantages to the newer style engine "KAI" over the older one like on the mower now. I think 17hp will be fine since this mower is not used to do entire lawns, just smaller areas and hills.

    Thanks for the number/distributor. I will call them and ask...also found a few great deals online with reasonable shipping. Sadly, its just more cost effective to ditch the old motor and get a brand new one then to fix it.
  5. Mulcher1

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    Hi all-

    I've got the same mower/motor (as Snyder mentions at the start of this thread) with a toasted KAW FH500v-BS06.......I only use it for my own 1 acre yard, 50hrs a year max, and take meticulous care of my equipment. I'm looking at B&S replacement engine because they offer more HP (which i really need as i always mulch and northern grasses get very thick in the spring) and the Briggs engines cost 1/2 as much. No doubt, for a heavy duty commercial user the KAW is the more robust engine, but for my needs i'd like to go w/ Briggs' higher horsepower, trading off some robustness.

    I did contact SmallEngineWarehouse and Craig was reluctant to suggest any replacement other than the OEM KAW.

    Two Questions:
    1) any chance my KAW exhaust manifold will bolt up to a Briggs? (both engines are twin cylinder)
    2) looking at the Briggs 44277-120, think it'll fit? shaft size and length same as my KAW
    3) has anyone done this swap? I know I'll have to rig up a battery for the electric start. Because I have pull start, might be cheaper to retrofit a recoil than buy a battery and mount.
    4) any other thought/comments welcome.



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