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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mac43rn, Nov 23, 2001.

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    Hi guys. First of all I want to thank everyone for their opinions on my last post. I have been educated greatly by everything I have read. My next question is in reference to a rider or a wb. I will be mowing just over 1/2 of an acre, too little to push but do not need anything larger then a 38" cut. I have my eye on the simplicity rider with 16hp honda v-twin engine (due out in spring of 02). I have also been looking at the exmark walk behinds. Again the most important issue is quality of cut and I want to be able to stripe. I have heard that exmarks stripe very well, especially with a pro-slide. The simplicty stripes well due to the full length rollers and it also has a free floating deck. Just for reference I used my friends commercial snapper today and had a difficult time keeping in straight. I do realize it will take some practice, but is it easy to get the hang of? Finally my last question, what do you guys recommend. I am a fanatic about my lawn. The lawn is irrigated with a very nice fescue with 10% kentucky blue grass, it is very nice.

    Thanks for all your help

    -If you guys do recommend a wb, which one?

    I know I want a free floating because I don't want to scalp.
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    Exmark TTHP
  3. If you are only one property and time isnt a factor and only half acre get what would cost the lesser. you didnt mention if it is heavily landscapeed if it is the exmark would be better.if it isnt get what cheaper simplicty is a good tractor
    Good luck on what you decide
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    Personaly i would use a 21 inch pusher but if your dead set on a rider or wb i would get a toro proline 32 with the single blade it comes with a mulch cap on it. if you get a seat instead of wheels you will have wb and a rider all in one.
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    I looked on the Toro website but couldn't find the mower you suggested. Any tips on how to find it? I am in about the same position as the original poster but do not want to push a 21" mower because of time (and a bit lazy). I also noticed we live in the same town. You own a lawn care service?
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    i'm not sure if toro still sells that. but exmark has a 32" inch (two blade). but thats alot of mower for a homeowner. but if you like your toys you'll have a blast.
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    eXmark. Buy 1 mower for your personnal use and it will be the last one you buy. Quality of cut will not be comparable.
  8. mac43rn

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    I went to my dealer today and received price quotes for the two mowers:

    simplicity 38" with honda v-twin 16hp honda engine, bagger and extra dedicated mulching deck. Simplicty has made it very easy to switch out the decks and I want the option to bag (very well) and mulch (very well). I will also be receiving the bagger that runs an extra $400.
    Total price $3700 (this includes two decks and bagger)

    I also received a price quote on a 36" exmark turf tracer hp with the new ecs controls and 15 hp kaw engine.

    $4100 for mower
    proslide $350
    mulching kit $150

    Just looking for a few more opinions. I could probalby get a less expensive wb, but I want the option of free floating deck and hydro, which both the turf tracer and the simplicity have.

    Again, I really want to stripe with a good quality cut. I know the simplicty does it very well. I have not seen any pictures of stripes with the exmark turf tracer. Any more suggestions??


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