Exmark won't hold a charge w/ new battery

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by timbow, Jun 4, 2009.

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    Just bought my first real mower - '96 Exmark Laser Z w/ 1200 hours. The guy I bought it from originally thought he had a carb problem because the mower would heat up and then die out after about 20 minutes...he'd let it sit, then it would finally start up again and he would go another 20 minutes. This was at the end of the season and he didn't mess with it until he sold it to me. He ended up changing out the SAM (on recommendation of the dealer). Well, he got it to run and I was satisfied all was good. My first week with the mower (bought it to do my 2 acres & the church's 3 acres), it lost it's charge about 2 acres into the 3 I was doing. I bought a new battery for it and finished up. I did my other 2 acres that same day and all was great. This week I got about 10 minutes into the job and it died out. I jumped the new battery and was able to get it on the trailer. I got it home and had to jump it on the trailer to get if off. Any ideas as to where to start? Thanks!
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    RestoRob -
    Thanks a bunch for the reply and link.
    Per your recommendations and while without getting out the meter yet, I found the ground strap from the voltage regulator was only connected at the mounting screw and not the ground bolt. Rigged up a new strap and going to give it a try. It is usually the simple things and those are about the only ones I can handle. Thanks again!

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