Exmark x-series Lazer Z or Scag turf Tiger?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by makktruck, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. makktruck

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    Exmark X-Series Lazer Z or Scag Turf Tiger? Can't decide between the two.
  2. weaver

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    Dang this is a good one.. I personaly like the Exmark better but the Scag TT is just as good both being probably the best out on the market today... Alot of people complain of the Exmarks cut not being the best but i find it to be really good, and those same people say the velocity deck on the TT is the best as far as no clumping wet grass or speading the grass clippings evenly. I think it's silly, wet grass does one thing good and that's clump or stick together no matter what your're mowing with.. Period.. I think four or five years ago Scag might have been better but the new Exmarks got em beat i think.. IMO the Exmark is just the better of the two, but you really need to demo both and decide for yourself...
  3. Ridin' Green

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    I'd take a TT any day. Excellent and well deserved rep for QOC and durability. The latest Exmarks just keep getting cheaper in both looks and quality IMO.

    I'm not a fan of Exmarks. They might cut nice under good to ideal conditions, but not in the wet and that's not good enough for many of us. I get to see their clumping on an almost daily basis because several crews here run them to do some large commercial accounts and some county accounts that are huge and require almost daily mowing to cover them all in one week. All these accounts get daily irrigation. There's no denying they clump in wet conditions worse than about any other brand. I cut right next to several of these accounts (where these guys are using a mix of both older and brand new Exmarks) on properties that are also irrigated and have nice turf, and when the grass is wet on my lots right next to where they are cutting, I don't get any clumping with my 7 Iron while they do.
  4. weaver

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    In your opinion there getting cheap in looks and quality... Ha... You ought to jump on one before you talk crazy about something... There is no comparison the new next Lazers are totally different and WAY better than the older ones... As far as the clumping... here we go again.. I do this also buddy and never have these crazy conditions like some say they have, and there are alot on here that say they don't either as far as quality of cut... But i guess just because you have JD i guess they're the best...
  5. Ridin' Green

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    No need to be a jerk bro, especially when that statement is way off base.:rolleyes:

    My post wasn't aimed at you or your post. I simply anwered the OP's question with my honest opinion. Far, far too many guys on this site alone (including many who run Exmarks) know and admit they clump in the wet. It isn't just my opinion, it's fairly common knowlege. If you got offended because I posted what I see that's on you. I don't hate anyone here, nor do I have any need to rag on any other brand for no reason or just because I run something different.

    I do run a Deere Z, and have owned many of their products in the past as well as the stuff I still own, but I have said openly on here many times that I will be moving to other colors when the time comes to replace any of it, so it isn't a brand loyalty thing from me here.

    I am not the only one here by any stretch that feels that Exmark is cheapening the Lazer up in looks and quality more and more, and yea, I've been on one. They do have some nice features that I like, especially their seats choices, but overall I just don't care for them. I didn't finance and I could have dropped the cash on any brand I wanted to. I almost bought a TT with the 35 BB, but the JD had a few features that I wanted more, so that's why it's in my shop. It sure isn't because I like my dealer so much, or the Deere corporation for that matter.
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  6. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    From the sounds of it, you don't own a new Exmark. I will say though, that the 7 iron leaves a real nice cut but doesn't stripe well. My first four years in business I used (bought new) kubota zg222 and I loved it! This year i added a new 2012 Exmark Lazer Z x series with the 34 hp Kohler. This machine is anything but cheap. They put a lot of research into this unit. It only weight ~110 more than my zg222 and it has a 60'' deck vs my kubota's 48''. The ride is great, the cut is awesome. I've used it in all conditions. I'm not that great of a price haggler so i think i was taken a little in price, $13k with a dump from seat bagger, ocdc, and stripping kit.

    I think your remarks are a bit ignorant, but who knows.

    to the OP. I've never used a Scag, but as i mentioned above the new Exmark is fantastic. I spoke with my dealer who recently returned from a three day Exmark tour of the facilities and convention. He went on and on about how much RR they put into their machines. Bottom line is i reallly like my New Lazer z X series.
  7. GMLC

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    Honestly you would be happy with both. Both are top of the line machines. But there are some differences you should know about. The TT's blades are run from a drive shaft and gear boxes which are industrial strength. My dealer says he has some TT's he maintains with over 7000 hours. I have personally run some with over 4000 hours. Also the Scag Velocity deck is probably the most versatile deck in the industry, it cuts very well in all conditions, especially wet. The Exmark clumps like crazy in wet and thick grass conditions, this is common knowledge on cool season grasses. Most Exmark owners will not cut in wet conditions and double cut thick grass. The reason is the grass clippings are very small and stay in the deck longer. On the flip side is the Exmark probably has the best dry/ideal cut in the industry because of the small clippings. Its a trade off. I do not know how the Exmark performs in warm season grasses.
  8. Ridin' Green

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    My remarks are far from ignorant. Tractors and mowers are one of my hobbies, not just the way I make money. I study them and do as much testing as the local dealers will allow or provide me. I understand you own a newer machine and might feel the need to defend your choice (which is just human nature, and we all do it at times). This is Exmark country here, and most all LCO's run them. I have heard the same complaint about the Lazer becoming cheaper looking and build quality going down from many of them from over the last couple seasons, especially at the local dealer openhouses in the spring.

    I didn't say they were cheap. I said they are becoming cheaper looking (which they are compared to the older units from just a few years ago) and that they aren't built as well as they used to be. Of course your dealer is going to tell you that, he's in business to sell them. He'll probably tell you that they are the best machine on the market, but if he left there and went to a competing dealer to work, he'd tell you that THEY were the best. Just the nature of the business, not necessarily the truth. BTW, I think you meant R&D not RR.

    I will say that if you think the 7 Iron doesn't stripe well, you are showing ingnorance from apparent lack of experience with them. They stripe extremely well, and I've posted a lot of pics on here showing it. None of mine were done with any type of striping kit either.

    BTW- you got a very good deal on your unit compared to what you would have had to pay around here for the same thing.
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  9. pvbooner

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    I looked at both as well as the hustler and ended up going with the scag(cheetah). All three companies build a quality product you just have to decide what you look for in a machine and go from there. Knowing that durability would not be a problem with any of them I went with the one that I had the most confidence in quality of cut and ease of maintenance. Just decide what you are looking for and wright down the positives and negative with each machine and DEMO, DEMO, DEMO.
  10. exmarkking

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    you guys are ridiculous. The man asked for an opinion between two machines. something that looks cheap is personal opinion. I hate the way some cars look and others love them. Bottom like is I know that both machines are durable, long lasting and built well, depending on how you maintain them. I lean towards exmark but I do own a scag as well. Both are good machines. Any mower will clump to some degree when trying to cut 1 foot tall soaking wet fescue. You shouldn't be cutting that **** when it's soaking wet anyways! As far as warm season grass, the exmark has a serious quality cut. That's pretty much the only grass we cut down here in Georgia. I feel like either mower will produce good results if your visiting the properties weekly. I say go with an exmark, I have never had a serious problem out of my fleet. This forum is crazy sometimes because ill post things about exmark navigators and its like everyone runs. If the post isn't about a walker or any other mower besides exmark, No one will even pay it any attention. everyone raves about the walker and great it is and how the navigator is a POS! But what's funny is if you go to the machanic forum, every other question is about how to fix a walker problem. I would suggest demoing each unit and making a choice on what best suites you. Everyone on this forum is in a pissing match with each other. Happy Friday!! Lol
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