Exmark x-series Lazer Z or Scag turf Tiger?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by makktruck, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. ryno23

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    i have a turf tiger and will be trying to sell it soon. its an awesome mower. but in my area the toro and exmarks leave a better cut where i am. it all depends on ur conditions. the biggest problem i find with the scag is the deck blowout and in dry conditions it wants to lay the grass down instead of a crisp cut like my toro did
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  2. johnnybravo8802

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    I've had two Hustlers- a new 98' shortcut and bought a new industrial grade 3200 in 02.' I've had 3 Exmark's-a 23HP LQ 60", a 46" Lazer, and my last one in 02' was a 27HP LQ 72." I then switched to Scag and bought a new 08' TT with a LQ 29 DFI, have had two 36" Scag WB's, and a 72" Sabre Tooth with a 31HP turbo charged Daihatsu Diesel. I switched to Scag because of the better ride and the better cut. The Scag is by far a better built, higher quality, and much more plush machine-it's the "Cadillac" of mowers in my opinion. However, if you're mowing residential, I think the lighter weight and narrower Exmark is a better choice. The Scag is my choice on wide open and rough commercial jobs, which is what I mow now(It's a big, wide, and heavy mower). I mow up to 12 hours a day on rough ground(5-6) hrs at a time w/o stopping and the Scag is the choice in those conditions. The kicker is, I've had better luck mechanically with the Exmark. I put 1000 hrs on my last Exmark and only had to replace a belt. The two Scag's were giving me problems mechanically at only 300 hrs and things wore out quicker versus my last Exmark. I had a difficult time understanding this with a better built machine. Overall, the best bang for the buck has been the Exmark. I will point out that I've been on one of the new Exmark's and was not impressed-I liked the older machines, even though they rode rough. It depends on how you plan to use the mower and dealer support-that's the bottom line.
  3. mach14604

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    I have always have ran Turf Tigers but I demoed the heck out of machines this past spring and early summer. I demoed a SCAG Cheetah, Exmark X Series,Husqvarna and Turf Tiger just to name a few. I bought the Exmark in the end of things. But then I also bought another Turf Tiger later in the year. To me having both of these machines on the trailer is great but each has there own place. Ask yourself what your going to be doing with these machines. If your mowing bigger properties I would go Turf Tiger. If your looking at more residential places I would go with the Exmark. To me if your tough on machines the Turf Tiger is also the way to go. Both stripe beautifully. If you want more input PM me and I would happy to discuss.
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    I have owned Series 4 and 6 decks from Exmark and run the Velocity from Scag. Over a broad spectrum of properties, field grass to soaked fescue the Scag will win. If you mow perfectly dry weed free cool season grass weekly then the Exmark will win hands down. Riding Green I agree with you Deere has a winner in the Ziron as well.
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    Depending on the deck size I prefer the Exmark's center-mounted anti-scalps and the location of the trim side antiscalps for the turf here that is mowed low. At 2.5" or higher I doubt it matters that much.

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