Exmark ZTR flavors??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ENZOFORZA, May 9, 2001.


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    I Have been reading all of the great info here at LS and I am convinced that the exmark ZTR's are the best mowers around(due to all of the positive posts) I do not wish to start a brand war so please refrain. My question is what is the big difference in the Lazer line? they have the "XP" the "HP" The "z" etc. I realize that you can pick + choose the size of deck and engine manufacturer + HP. But other than that what are the differences? My local dealer only has a laser Z in stock so I could not compare. I am thinking of going with a 60" deck + 23 hp kawi w/ the bagging system. I do mostly residential property. What do all of you die hard Exmark fans think??
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    just mine but if i was going to bag,which i aint, id go walker as thats their specialty. i think your choice will serve you well.
    if your dealer can keep you in the game. later
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    The HP has a shorter footprint and lower center of gravity. I think it works best in residential areas. You can manuvear it better in tight places having the smaller footprint. The 52" version runs the same speed as the full lazer. (9.5 mph) You can't get the HP in 60".

    Why bag? Put the mulch kit on and use it. Only use the bag for leaf season.

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