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Exmark ZTR Pricing Question

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by BrianK, Jun 12, 2001.

  1. BrianK

    BrianK LawnSite Member
    Messages: 5

    Sorry for cross-posting -- I also posted this in the commercial forum.

    I am thinking about purchasing a new Exmark Lazer Z HP, but I have a few questions about the price. We went and looked at a dealer this weekend, and he had multiple Lazer Z mowers, and one Lazer Z HP. The Lazer Z's all had larger engines, and bigger mowing decks, yet were all priced less than the Lazer Z HP. The HP we were looking at was a 52" 23 horsepower model. The Lazer Z's all had 60" decks, and engines larger than 23 horsepower.
    How can this be? I was really confused as to why they would be less expensive.

    I am looking at the 48" 21 horse Z HP. The price they quoted was $7214. Is this in the right ballpark? Can someone explain the Exmark pricing policies?

    Thanks for all info.

  2. eXmark

    eXmark Manufacturer / Sponsor
    Messages: 4,258

    Dear BrianK,

    I would have to say that I'm a bit confused if the dealer you went to had full-size Lazer Z's at a lower price than the Lazer Z HP's. Not sure how/why the dealer is promoting as such, it sounds to me like there has to be more to the story about what you were looking at. Here are some points of reference that should help you decide. Keep in mind that these are suggested sale prices. Final pricing is determined by our dealers. Hope this helps you......


    LHP4417KA 17 HP Kawasaki Twin with 44" mower deck $6,299.00
    LHP4419KA 19 HP Kawasaki Twin with 44" mower deck 6,499.00

    LHP4818KC 18 HP Kohler Command with 48" mower deck 6,699.00
    LHP4821KA 21 HP Kawasaki Twin with 48" mower deck 6,999.00

    LHP5223KC 23 HP Kohler with 52" mower deck 7,199.00
    LHP5223KA 23 HP Kawasaki Twin with 52" mower deck 7,299.00


    LZ23KC604 23 HP Kohler Command with 60" mower deck $7,899.00
    LZ23KA604 23 HP Kawasaki with 60" mower deck 1339# 7,999.00

    LZ25KC524 25 HP Kohler Command with 52" mower deck 7,899.00
    LZ25KC604 25 HP Kohler Command with 60" mower deck 8,399.00


    LZ23LKA604 23 HP Kawasaki Liquid Cooled w/60" deck $8,399.00
    LZ27LKA604 27 HP Kawasaki Liquid Cooled w/60" decK 9,199.00
    LZ27LKA724 27 HP Kawasaki Liquid Cooled w/72" deck 9,599.00


    Exmark Manufacturing Co
    (402) 223-6308

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