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    I am looking at a new 72" midmount Exmark, and have a few questions. Fist is the deck. Is the triton better than the ultracut? I have a ton of seat time with the ultra, and I thought is was a good deck, that cut great. But is the triton better? How about motor choices? I am thinking the 28 HP Kaw. I ran one with the liquid 27 kaw, but it seemed a little underpowered. Will only see 3-5 hours per week(for the farm only) and I think I only need a air cooled. Thanks!
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    There is no agreement on which deck is better. You just have to try it in your area. Some love one and hate the other. 27 or 28 hp will be the minimum you will need for a deck that size. Why not a slightly smaller deck with the 28 Kaw? A 60" or 66" deck would be my preference with that kind of HP.

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