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    Hey guys. As you can see from my sig, I have a bunch of toro and scag. I absolutely love them. However, I want opinions on the exmark walkbehind. I'm looking in the 36" or 48" range. The V-rides are awesome but can be a little heavy on a damp, residential property. So, I was thinking of maybe adding another walkbehind instead. I have a couple 36" scag and they're beasts but just thought before I buy another scag, I should at least get some opinions on the exmarks for those of you that have experience running them. They seem like a great mower but a little pricey. Also, definitely the floating deck with a kawi engine.
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    I've never run a Scag. I have a 48" TTHP with the 17hp Kaw.

    It tackles anything and everything I've thrown at it, and then some. I added a 2 wheel velke this year and, while the hydros are starting to loosen up a little (now a year old), it hasn't blinked with my 245lbs behind it.

    The demo model I ran was the 19hp 54" and it had even more power than what I have now. I actually "bush hogged" a three acre field with the demo. It took it from 18-24" down to 4 in two passes.

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