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    I have a 52in lazer z hp with a stripping roller and gator blades
    ( I tryed to run doubles but it was not powerfu enough). My question is how do I get the best cut out of my mower. I allready have a stripping roller. Can I do something to the baldes. Im just trying to get the best possible cut out on my machine.


    Jeff Smith
    JRS Lawn & Landscape
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    First things first.....

    What State is Lawn & Landscape in? It helps in a LOT of ways to know what area of the country your in.

    Now....Get rid of those Gators. Save them for fall leaf cleanups.

    Now, you need to go out to your Exmark dealer and buy a few things....
    Get a set of 103-1578 High lift Solid Foil Excaliburs. Sharpen and balance accordingly....Install.

    Also buy a Tiny Tach or Sen-Dec tach or whatever inductive pickup tachometer they sell. Install it, and make sure engine RPM's are at 3800 with blades OFF and mower stationary.

    Inflate tires to recomended specs

    Set a forward deck pitch to 1/8".

    Set cut height to your preference.


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