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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JayD, Oct 29, 2009.

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    I can't use a GS because they can't handle the type turf I mow much of the time, but there is something to be said for the way you stand ON the unit rather than trailering or walking behind it. I find that as I get older I notice it more, but it does take noticeably more energy (and wear and tear on ankles, etc) to use a sulky/wb than to just stand on a platform. Probably because you are not fixed in position behind the machine, but also because a sulky just has limitations in its shock absorbing capability vs a spring loaded platform.

    But even then it's less taxing to just sit. So I use ZTRs whenever possible. What would make much more sense to me would be a ZTR that coverts to a wb, like the one currently sold by a small company, except done by one of the majors that is fully featured (true mulch system, lower center of gravity, better baggers available, etc) and has a more established reputation for cut quality, durability, etc.

    I suppose if you only needed the walk behind capability occasionally, you might try a GS (as it can work as a wb in a pinch) but if you really need wb's for their advantages on hills, delicate turf, etc, I'd stick with the tried and true TT.
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    On the Toro sponsor page there's a photo posted by Toro of a 36" unit at the GIE+ Expo. I requested it as I was not in attendance. The 36" )and I suppose maybe the 40" unit) appears to be on a smaller and different frame. For instance, the deck lowering mechanism appears to be 'exposed', the hydraulic reservoir is placed differently, it just looks more compact and smaller all around. based on that photograph I wouldn't agree that only the deck size is smaller on smaller-than-60" units. I would agree that is true for the 48" and 52", however.

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    Went to the dealership on Saturday. ExMark will also have rods instead of cables on the drive controls. There are a few improvements made for sure. No price yet, he said they will be priced "about the same". They have them ordered but dont have any yet. When they come in hes going to call. I will try and get some pics of each side by side for some comparisons...
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    I have ridden both 52"/23 hp GS and yes the 60"/26 hp is by far faster. Do not care if your rep said they were the same. When i jumped on both, as i do work for a place i drive them everyday the 60" has more speed and also quicker reverse which is nice lol. I run my business with a 52"/23hp and I know the difference. 60" is quicker and reverse is improved. Maybe it was that one unit, but it shouldnt be.

  5. Lazer Cut

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    when i said do not care your rep said the same... do not take that negative... just lettin people know i am not being a smarta**.

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    Around to the lit, they have the same speed, that being said they did also change to the rods as well, so that may have something to do with it. Both of mine will be traded on new ones over the winter or spring. I want the upgrades:)
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    I bet you could get the upgrades for your units.
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    I youtubed some videos, I must say I'm excited to get one of these. The majority of my residentials take the 48" TT and this thing should speed up our productivity, reduce fatigue, and no more ugly line down the middle of the stripe due to the sulky wheel.
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    I was told by my Toro dealer that they are going to do 32 different upgrades on our 2 GS's that we bought. I am not sure what they are but hopefully it will address some of the maddening issues on what is still a great mowing machine. BTW they are 52/23's.
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    Haha, everyone on lawnsite has a "contact" or a "reliable source"...it's amazing. It's like the lawn mower mafia, hahahaha.

    The statement was made that the exmark will be the toro with different stickers. The fact is , that statement is incorrect and i've already addressed that. Now, if the toro build is going to involve the changes that Exmark made to the toro product, than that means the machine will be the same in the future maybe, but the prototype, hand built exmark vantage i rode around on with the exmark factory sales reps IS NOT the SAME EXACT toro grandstand that is in the field today............ turd sandwhich...

    The Exmark I rode around on had spring loaded deck lift instead of dampners, it had threaded rods to control the hydros, where toro uses cables, and there were some minor frame differences. Guys are on here saying they had issues with frame cracks and now there are 32 updates done. That means they are not the same, which means the toro grandstand from the current build and future build won't be the same either.

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